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AAR TG vs Riley Company Scrim 9/8/2019

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  • [AAR] AAR TG vs Riley Company Scrim 9/8/2019

    We had our first true external scrim for Squad Saturday night. It was a fantastic round and a big thank you to everyone who played and all the guys who waited in the wings in case we needed them. Also thanks to Asta for volunteering to admin the event.

    The map we played on was Gorodok RAAS v2, we were Russian, RC was British. We had 3 infantry squads, one led by myself, one led by PoohBearXL and one led by Leech. Our 2 30mms were led by PsychoticAsh and Shanomac99 respectively and our T72 was led by Wookie. Disposable was in the Spandriel and Cris headed up the logistics side of things.

    Since the layer was RAAS with fog of war, I did minimal planning outside initial rollout for the first flag as we couldn't know where the other flags would be. PoohBear's squad went to the first cap with a logi, which ended up being Akim. I took my squad with Shanomac's 30mm to Shipping Yard area to where we got lucky with it being the second cap. Leech took his squad down to the Mound area in Psychotic's 30mm with Cris's logi following and set up a FOB with vehicle repair. Wookie took the T72 to the west side of the map to watch for enemy armor and Dispo went south with the Spandy to set mines and watch for enemy logis.

    The third cap ended up being Hilltop Bunkers so I moved my squad and PoohBear's squad into the point. Once we had a HAB set up, PoohBear took control of the east side with his squad while mine focused south and west. Shanomac's 30mm patrolled the north and found an enemy logi truck at Farmstead but they were able to destroy it before they dropped supplies and Takker was able to get rid of the enemey radio.

    Leech's squad moved from Mound to Niva Lower area in the meantime but once the Hilltop flag capped, we could see that the next flag was Gas Station so he re-routed and headed to Industrial to set up an attack. Meanwhile, we started taking enemy infantry contact from the south of Hilltop, supported by a Bulldog, Warrior, and Challenger. We were able to get a few hits on the Warrior with LAT, forcing it to move and Dispo was able to get behind it with the Spandy, destroying it.

    Because we were so focused on the enemy threat to the south, we had a moment where no one was watching the woods to the west and an enemy squad was able to infiltrate the point. This sparked a bare knuckle brawl for control of the objective that last for at least 40 min. Unfortunantly, the HAB kept getting overrun and we couldn't push the permimter back out far enough and we ended up losing the radio. In desperation, I buddy rallied off of PoohBear's rally and we fought our way back into the cap radius and stalled it long enough for Leech's squad, who were attacking Gas Station this whole time, to get a double neutral.

    The enemy Challenger showed up in the woods west of Hilltop to engage our 30mm but Wookie had just shown up with the T72 so they were able to ambush the Challenger and kill it without even getting spotted. This allowed our Shanomac to engage enemy infantry more effectively and let PoohBear move his squad into the woods west to wipe out the enemy rally, then pin them inside the point like they had done to us earlier and clear them out. Cris also showed up around this time with a logi and built a radio and HAB combo north of Hilltop so we could continue the assault. In the fight to retake the point, we lost the 30mm but were able to resecure the area and get cap back from neutral to ours.

    As soon as the cap was fully ours, I instructed PoohBear to mount up in the logi and use it as transport to get to Gas Station as Leech had been calling for help. My squad held onto the point while Leech capped Gas Station and my squad also got an enemy HAB at around the same time as Gas Station finished capping. PohhBear tried to insert north of Gas Station but stumbled upon an enemy HAB in the woods, got wiped, and spawned in at Industrial to reinforce Gas Station. At this point, Shanomac's 30mm had respawned so he came to Hilltop to pick up my squad and bring us to Gas Station as well.

    We dropped out of the 30mm near Boris Farmstead and moved on the enemy HAB north of Gas Station to take pressure off the point. Before we could get to the HAB however, accurate and somewhat lucky mortar fire from LetumComplexo destroyed the enemy radio so all we had to od was clean up a few infantry stragglers. We then moved towards Industrial to check on the radio and HAB there in case any infantry had made their way over there while Leech and PoohBear continued to fight enemy infantry attacking Gas Station from the west. The round ended at this point, surprising us all I think.

    What I would have done different:

    All in all, it was a great round. I think I could have done a little better with the perimeter at Hilltop and we might not have had such a close brawl over the point. We came so close to losing it and if we had known the infantry was coming from the west woods earlier, we probably could have stopped them or at least kept them off the HAB until a FT could get behind and clear their spawn.

    I had PoohBear construct a vehicle supply point at Akim when he was capping it as the first point and didn't take into account the time it took his logi truck to return from main which wasted some time his squad could have been more effective elsewhere. I don't think it changed much about the round but something to think about next time.

    Other squads:

    The other SLs did great, I couldn't have asked for a better team. They all executed their jobs perfectly and everyone stayed very calm, even in the middle of some very tough fights.
    Leech made the decision to put up some mortars at Mound early and it ended up being a great call later when he was attacking Gas Station, the enemy team after the match expressed how vicious the mortar barrage was on their morale and ability to manuver around the objective. I think the SL who was defending Gas Station commented that once the mortars started to hit, they were unable to stay on the cap zone at all as there was no hard cover or protection from the barrage.

    PoohBear came in clutch with his move to get into the woods west of Hilltop. That really turned the back and forth fight at Hilltop into a win for us and let us secure the cap zone. We were able to turn the tables on the enemy and surround them instead of them surrounding us.

    Both 30mm squads, Psychotic, Shanomac, and their gunners, did excellent, they got a lot of kills and generally made life miserable for the enemy infantry. Wookie and the T72 crew only fought the enemy Challenger once because the match ended just as it re-spawned but they also destroyed several Warriors and effectively made the enemy armor a non-issue the entire round. Dispo and the Spandy squad had at least one confirmed kill on a Warrior and came in clutch destroying a radio the enemy was using to hit us with mortars on Hilltop. They also fed the team information about enemy vehicle movements by spying on the river south of the enemy main which helped a lot.

    And of course the logistics squad was excellent. I've said it before: being able to completely put logistics out of your mind because you have guys you trust running the supplies is the best thing. Cris and Ragman ran the trucks the whole round and we were never wanting for supplies anywhere. They even took the initiative to construct several backup radios and HABs over the course of the round which we didn't end up needing but would have been crucial in falling back if we had lost Hilltop.

    In closing, I had a great time. The Riley Company guys are a great group and it was a pleasure to play against them. Also glad I got the chance to CO for another scrim. Went way better than last time and I applied a lot of the stuff I learned from the first time to this. Thanks to my SLs for rolling with the minimal planning we could do with the RAAS layer and pulling out the W. Can't wait for the next one.


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    1. Our mission was to roll south and wait on the second cap. We dropped a HAB at mound. The caps showed up on the west side so we started to roll west. Once we got on the west side squad 1 and 2 owned the hilltop cap and gas stationed opened up. We pushed back across the river and set up mortars and a repair station at Mound. Letum volunteers to stay on mortars. We roll to the Far East side of industrial and move on foot to clear it while Ash in the btr is providing over watch
    2. There was no contact on Industrial. The squad spotted the enemy HAB on the SW and crushed it but started taking heavy SAF from the west. We went ahead and got our HAB. I made the assumption the radio was just west on the rocks. Flavor town was already flanking south so I went with him to establish the flanking rally while the rest where just keeping the HAB from going back up/SBF. We got the rally down and worked out way east to check the rock but no enemy radio. Yuko ended up seeing the radio south and digging it down. Rally got popped so we moved it. At this time. At this time had Letum smoke up the SE side of gas station with mortars to allow the rest of the squad that was still east push in. Ash called another enemy HAB far SW. By this time we already neutralize Gas Station but we had temporarily lost the Hilltop Cap as well. We started to push the HAB location. While this is going YuKo and Reese are chasing armor all over the place so that was some rifles out of the fight.
    3. Hilltop is taken so I break off 3 dudes to go back to Gas Station to get the cap so we take the pressure off hilltop. I only had a few dudes to push the enemy HAB and Ash rolls his armor in to better support but gets tracked. He did end up nuking the enemy radio before dying. Now all the enemy forces are massing on Gas Station and we are doing the best we can waiting on reinforcements.
    4. Squad 2 was coming in a logi truck and got nuked at our far north. Later the enemy HAB/FOB was PID near the same location and had Letum drop mortars on the marks, he ended up destroying their radio with the mortars. We ended up getting wiped off Gas Station and had to come off the Industrial HAB. It was a mad swarm back to the point . ****ing rolling death and we took point back.

    ⁃ I feel I didnít give much guidance to my dudes. I was in my map most of the fight. Looking back on it I had a veteran crew and they know what to do in the absent of orders. But still as a leader you must put out the guidance to ensure the entire squad is on the same page.
    ⁃ I could of done a better job of checking in with the commander if anything is needed. But at the same time if he isnít hitting me up then things are probably ok. It is good to keep other SLs informed on how the forward objective is going. It is a morale booster for the men.

    ⁃ Giving your veteran dudes FTL to mark. They fed me so much intel in the battlefield which was key in informing Ash on enemy armor. They tell me and I would immediately get the mark up.
    ⁃ Command channel comms where awesome, there wasnít much. A lot of direct SL to SL communication made it easier to process info because Iím not trying to figure out of the command it trying to talk to me all the time. ( normal radio procedure is needed on my part.. you this is me. Wait for a reply, then send your traffic)
    ⁃ Letum in mortars. Sometimes you come across a player that has a role that he is better then everyone else at. Baron with HAT/AT , Gumbyz on medic, saber and Celt on MG, Shade and Ash on tanks.. the list goes on with the experience skill sets of the TG pipehitters. Well Letum on mortars. I remember laughing out loud to myself cause I asked Letum if he sees my marks and he already had 3 in the air... I was like WTF!!! Yeeessss!!!. So yeah I know itís a role that isnít as fun but that **** is a game changer
    ⁃ Armor pair up with an infantry squad. It speaks for itself when done correctly
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