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    Well I see it is kinda quiet in here. Anyways I have noticed a lot lately there is no one defending points.. Whole team leaves and bam back cap steam roll. I think I am going to start running a defense squad if I am not in armor.. Which we all know killer and I live in a tank.. So on the point of defense I would like some thoughts. Posted in discord but it will get swallowed im sure. I have this plan as to make defendable spots that have fall back locations. The biggest problem as we all know is Engis that can just blow us by sneaking in.. A large point is hard to defend with 9 guys but I think it can be done. I once held a flag with 7 guys and a BTR on Yeho and was fighting half the other team with just us. So I will post some pictures of my hab I did to test. I feel troops need to be able to spawn and move and be safe. Any thoughts?

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    Static, in place defense in game is a tough option. The ability to share information in game is so easy that your position will not stay hidden after the first bump.

    Once discovered, if your static, the enemy has all the time they want to flank, pin or mortar your position. Once they begin to assault you it’s damn right impossible to break out and flank and kill them.

    The better way to defend is to have two squads, or two fire teams. One to hold the fixed position. The second to patrol a circle around the position.

    When your static crew gets hit, the patrolling squad can move off angle to kill them. Also, the fact they are patrolling can allow you more time. If they can spot and begin engaging enemy’s before they get to the static point, the defenders have a better chance to use a covered position to fight from.

    So yeah, defense is important. But just leaving a single squad on the point does not classify as “defense” in my mind.




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