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TG Internal Scrim - Operation Broken Dune

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  • [EVENT] TG Internal Scrim - Operation Broken Dune

    Announcing the 3rd internal scrim at Tactical Gamer

    Intelligence Report:

    30 KM east of the Syrian Border lies the city of Mutaha, a regional capital for the rural farmers and a center of trade and transport between Syria and Iraq. Russian Armed Forces have been deployed from Syria and are beginning to invade northern Iraq. The Iraqi armed forces are unable to hold them for very long. The Russians main objective looks to be Mutaha. The US needs to reach the city before the Russians to prevent the entire region from being lost.

    The only US force ready to deploy is a garrison stationed at an Iraqi military base 20 KM south-west of the city. This garrison is deployed with a basic anti-insurgent equipment and vehicles such as Stryker APCs and MRAPs. It is the job of this garrison to mobilize and secure the city before the Russians do.

    The Russians seem to be in a hurry as well, and thus are not equipped with any heavy armor assets. They have APCs with powerful 30mm cannons and a few scout cars. This fight will come down to the infantryman, especially in a dense city like Mutaha.

    All information you have read in this report is classified.

    Operation Broken Dune begins on Sunday, November 10th, 2pm US Central.

    When: Sunday, November 10th, 2pm US Central (3pm US Eastern, 12pm US Pacific, 7pm UTC)
    Where: Tactical Gamer Private Server
    Map: Mutaha Custom Layer - US vs RUS, RAAS
    Who: Anyone is eligible to register (see registration below). Registration is first-come, first-serve, but TG Supporting Members will have priority over non-supporting members. If you're interested in becoming a Supporting Member, please see this link.
    Roster Size: Each team will field 40 players.

    What’s an internal scrim?

    An internal scrim is an organized match that has both teams comprised entirely of TG members. Tacticalgamer has run many internal scrims before in titles such as BF2, BF2142, Point of Existence, Project Reality, ArmA as well as other titles that we've had or currently do have active membership playing. In total TG has run two very successful scrims for Squad so far: Christmas in Talil Outskirts, and Operation Valentine. Operation Broken Dune will be the third.


    Registration will be done via Discord using the bot: TacticalBot. To register, follow these instructions:
    • Open a dm to TacticalBot on the TG Discord server
    • Type "!signmeup <list the role or roles you are volunteering for here>" on the message line (you don't need the brackets)
    • Press <enter>

    You’re registered!!

    You will be able to see your registration, along with everyone else who has registered, in the #scrim-registrations channel. You will also receive a confirmation response from TacticalBot, including what number registrant you are, once you register.

    Make sure it you send a direct message, not a message in a public channel as those will be rejected and you won't be registered for the event. The admins will receive a notification of your registration and we will make sure we post those sign-ups for all to see when we receive them.

    If the team rosters are full (80 players) and you register, you will be placed in a reserved slot. Please still register! There have been scrims with no shows and drop outs replaced with reserve players. If you are placed on the reserve list there is still a high likelihood that you will be able to play.

    Team Information

    Teams will need players to volunteer to be squad leader and 2 players to volunteer to be team commander. Of course, general sign-ups are also needed, because as all of you know by now, roles on the team for sls are not just infantry roles, but also logistics, armor, etc. If you're not comfortable being an infantry sl, you can still volunteer to lead a logistics squad, an apc squad, a scout squad - whatever. Bottom line is don't be afraid to volunteer for some leadership. If you absolutely do not want to SL, specify that when you sign up.

    On November 2nd, commanders will be chosen. The two commanders will work with the admin team to pick factions that they will command and the teams will be divided up. Players will be chosen round-robin by commanders until the rosters are filled. After that, each team is going to receive their own private discord channels to begin planning for the battle.

    Please read over #event-announcements on the TG Discord Server once you have signed up for more info on Scrims and the standards TG have for them.

    Map Information

    US Assets:
    2x M1126 “Stryker”, equipped with 50cal HMG.
    2x M-ATV Open Top, equipped with 50cal HMG
    2x M939 trucks equipped with supplies for outpost creation
    1x M939 truck for transportation

    RUS Assets:
    1x BTR-82A, Equipped with 30mm Autocannon
    1x BTR-80, Equipped with 14.5mm HMG
    1x BRDM-2, Equipped with 14.5mm HMG
    2x Ural-4320 Trucks equipped with supplies
    1x Ural-4320 Truck for Transport

    Location of main bases and first capturable objectives will be made available by November 2nd.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post them below or you can directly message myself or any admin on discord in the #contact-an-admin channel.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!!!

    Registrations are now open!!!

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Hi Guys!

    First, teams have been put together. You can look at the list here:

    There have been only 50 sign ups, which is not nearly enough for a full scrim. Thus, we are changing the scrim itself. We will no longer be playing on Mutaha, and instead be moving to the plains of Gorodok for an interesting custom game mode.

    Team 1 (US) Will have control of an M1A2 Abrams and attempt to move said vehicle through 5 cap points. The cap points will only move when the abrams is in the cap point. The cap can still move both ways, so just having the abrams in the cap is not enough you will still need more bodies on point than the enemy in order to cap. Each cap will only have a cap time of 30 seconds.

    Team 2 (Militia) gets the vehicles listed below, however the team is limited to 1 HAT kit (The extra HAT kit has been physically removed, along with the unarmed kit). They have to attempt to stop the abrams with LAT's and HAT's.

    The US starts with 150 tickets and the Militia start with 300. The militia have 5 minutes from the start time to get setup. (The US will be in a staging phase). Every cap the US caps they will gain 30 tickets, and the militia will lose nothing. Who ever goes the farthest will win the scrim. Tie breaker will be whoever has the most tickets at the end of round.

    It will still be an extremely fun evening with this interesting game mode. Looking forward to seeing you there!! If you have been assigned to a team, contact your respective team commander.




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