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Moment of thanks for our retiring Game Officer - DisposableHero

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  • Moment of thanks for our retiring Game Officer - DisposableHero

    For those not in the correct Discord Channel -


    Everything must end eventually. So it is for me and my tenure as Game Officer and head admin of Squad at TG. I've submitted my resignation to Wicks, effective immediately, as GO of Squad here at TG.

    I want to thank each and every one of you for being so generous with your time to help run this place, and for your patience with my crazy whims and sometimes wishy-washy "commands" on how to do things around here, and especially with your patience with me as I've taken this hiatus away from Squad to go get murdered out of nowhere every night in Tarkov. I really appreciate each of you giving up your free time to help hold down the for we all know as TacticalGamer Squad.

    Don't worry, I'm not dropping off of the face of the Earth. I'll be available to ask questions of, etc, especially for the new GO. Please try to be as supportive as you can of whomever takes over things - they'll need some help.

    Keep fighting the good fight, boys.

    Dispo out

    A little time has allowed me to fully put this in perspective - what a ride the last 5 of 6 year's of Squad at TG has been, and so much of it is owed to just one man.

    I remember some very deep frantic Skype conversations on a cold wet Belfast night, between Arizona Chicago and Northern Ireland, as Portable.Cougar and I dragged Dispo kicking and screaming out of retirement to GO this new game that was announcing soon.

    Dispo had taken an already healthy Project Reality server and turned it into the number one global BATTLEFIELD server in the world. Let that sink in, that this tiny niche mode was busier than any vanilla server. His tenure there was the golden days for PR for me, and his eventual retirement out of that role left very big boots to fill. Too big unfortunately, with the server winding down within the year as players drifted away and the community dissolved.

    Dispo enjoyed his retirement, but we all felt something was missing. We spent some time playing other games, crashing other PR servers, and living with the legacy that have TG tags meant in the community (often a ban from butthurt folks who lost scrims to us). Crazy times.

    Then we learned of the PR breakaway group - before it was even called OWI. Access was offered and we took it, and spotted the potential that it offered. The installer was distributed via Skype! How things changed. Then with the date for the pre-alpha announcement fast approaching, we needed a home, hence the calls.

    Dispo was coaxed out of retirement, but we could not commit the time or resources to build a community from absolute scratch. So we looked to TG, which was, frankly, struggling. Aging infrastructure, broken forums, and essentially neglect had left the place in a bad way. But we still wanted to call it home. Apophis was reached, and an understanding of how close to the lights going out meant we were forced into action. An agreement was made with IronTaxi at OWI, as they desperately wanted the TG community involved - imagine the credibility that lends to old PR players who had heard the "PR2" promise for years and years over many projects.

    An agreement to buy a TG pack of licenses was made, discount secured, and a portion of the money came back to TG, meaning we could afford to spin up a server. It was go time. And GO time - Dispo went about building an admin team, and getting TG involved in the OWI world. No praise can be too high for the man who regularly burnt off real life work to build and fix things. There were constant projects on the go, many of which were unannounced and just filtered out to the world. Discord alone was beyond controversial at the time, but something we felt was necessary. It's hard to imagine TG without discord now. In fact, it's impossible when you look at the state of the forums and the accessibility that players expect in current year to all their games and communities.

    Thanks Dispo - you made PR at TG and now you have made Squad. I apologise from the bottom of my heart that Cougar and I ruined your life by forcing you to do this! But I'm glad you evolved enough to come play Tarkov with us all instead. When I see you again we can have another drink and reminisce.

    See you on the battlefield, and good luck to the incoming GO and team. I don't carry any official tags at TG any more, nor do I intend too,but I too am always around for help if needed. Keep the lights on at TG folks - it's a tough world out there for gamers in the age of 12 year old cod kiddies.

    Thanks again Dispo, enjoy the downtime!

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    Skype conference call with at least three countries while dodging DPS troopers speeding down the 10 out of New Mexico. I remember the call well.

    Happy to hear he's taking a much deserved break for a while.

    Congrats on Retirement.



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      Thanks Jeepo and Cougar!

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
      |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        No words seem to fit. I can only say TG has been a big part of my life and it is all due to the awesome people here that made it happen. A very big thank you and deep respect for the people that put in the hard work and time that made this place home for others and I. Much love, much gratitude and see you all on the battlefield. Love LG




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