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    I have Swat 4 and I have noticed that there are some things weird in the game. I am simply asking you all if this is a glitch, cheat, hack or something common within the game. When playing Barricaded suspects, and after I kill a player, their weapon continues to fire after them being dead and have fallen! Is this normal? Another I have seen is after a player has been bean bagged via the less lethal shotgun, they continue to shoot. I am not certain if this happens when being tazed as i have not see it. I was just wondering if these to above issues, are common glitches, hacks, mods or the like. If they are hacks/mods I care not to have them! I just want to know if these are legit issues or if this means someone is cheating!!


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    Re: In game problem

    Are you saying this is happening everytime you play a match? If so then it's probably an issue of some sort of glitch or hack... If your saying that it was only in one match then it is probably a hacker of some sort so find another match. I think SWAT 4 is a bit too for the people responsible to prevent hackers from hacking in game is hard to keep up with considering how old it is but.. i still play it.




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