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2 Player Coop Lan Problems

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  • 2 Player Coop Lan Problems

    Trying to play co-op mode on the LAN with two players.

    We're on separate internal IPs. we've solved the firewall issue. We can connect to each other with no problem, but the person who joins the game is in forced spectator mode. The other 3 multiplayer modes work fine, we're only having issues with co-op, which of course, is the only one we are really interested in playing.

    We've tried the "kick cc join" in the console, to force the second player out of spectator mode, but it didn't help.

    Any idea on how to fix this?


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    Re: 2 Player Coop Lan Problems

    Never mind the above Thread as This game can be quite frustrating at first when playing 2 player coop via lan.
    if you click "ready" before your teammate, then he/she will be forced into spectating only.
    Something so simple had us stumped for a couple of days.
    Sometimes Common Sense seems to easy. :)


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      Re: 2 Player Coop Lan Problems

      They aren't forced to spectating, that must be an SP mission? Anyways use tunngle for LAN.

      What it sounds like that you are having trouble with is your ports.
      You need to open the port range 10480 to 10483. Then your game will show up in the server list.
      Check your router's manual on how to open and foward your ports to your computer.

      You don't have to run a dedicated server, people can join and play within your game. Thats called a "Listen" server.




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