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    Hello, the current issue that i am having is that i am unable to move in game. It all started when i was on a friends server and i couldn't move. later i checked to find out that all my key bindings were somehow wiped completely. So i had reset them back to default and the problem still persisted, unable to move at all yet something new, i was able to look around with my mouse. I experimented to see if i could use the keys and sure enough i could type and send messages with any key i needed to use, including WASD. after that i went to career and instant action and even training mode. Still unable to move and only able to look around. I finally gave up and reinstalled the game. And with much frustration the same exact thing happens cant move, only look. I'm hoping if anyone has any helping information to please inform me, as it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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    Re: In Game Issue

    Thats weird. I remember when playing this game almost once a round somebody would freeze up & would have to rejoin. Your problem is a whole new ball of wax. You may have to clean your registry if any Swat4 info & reinstall. That's beyond me.

    On another note, am glad to see some activity on this game. I still never found a group to play this with :) I missed the active TG time.
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