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SWAT4 Dedicated Server Problem

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  • SWAT4 Dedicated Server Problem

    Hi All,

    New to SWAT 4 and enjoying it thoroughly.

    I have setup a dedi server on a spare box I have and initially got it running no problem however when I change the server settings the server crashes and won't start again.

    When I double click the Swat4DedicatedServer application I see the icon in the toolbar for 10 seconds then it disappears.

    If I replace the whole "system" folder with a backup and start again it will work until I make any change to maps or gametype then crashes and won't startup.

    First question would be how can I see the console window on startup as in RavenShield? This would make troubleshooting a lot easier.

    Second question is.....any idea why this is happening? I have tried setting the server up manually and with the AMMod but I get the same issue both times.

    I can post the Swat4DedicatedServer.ini and SWAT4.ini if this helps.

    An answer to question one might help a great deal!

    PS - I also have the add on installed Stekthkoff thingy!



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