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  • S.W.A.T 4 Clan


    I want to create a clan for S.W.A.T 4 multiplayer co-op.
    Anyone who is interested in joining please PM me.

    I would like to play the game properly and most people don't do that so i relised the only way to do that was to create a clan, I don't care if you're a noob or a hardcore gamer, just that you play properly.

    No teamkilling. No killing civillians. No killing terrorists unless they're gonna shoot you. And have fun :p

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    Re: S.W.A.T 4 Clan

    Post here and send me a PM if you want to join



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      Re: S.W.A.T 4 Clan

      Hey Arn,

      First off, welcome to TG. If you're looking for tactical gaming (and by the looks of it, you are), then you stepped into the right community. And second (now that I'm done with my shameless plug for TG), I just got done playing SWAT4. There's not much of a community for the game here anymore, and I've even heard rumors about removing the forums for it *sadness*. But anyway, I'd love to join however my window of game time as a whole is drawing to a close. But here's my two cents anyway:
      • Keep it an open thing (or at least put a password in a spot that serious people will find (i.e. in the forums or in TS)
      • Are you planning on using TS at all?
      • Mods or expansions? I've found that the SSF mod is great, and I never play without TTS anymore either.
      • Set an "open house" time and just tell anyone that they can show up.

      I'd love to see SWAT 4 make a comeback. It's still a good game. However, I feel it's down to us lonely few left, and as I said earlier I will have to leave it alone for a while. Good luck getting something started. I'll see if I can't swing by. If you have any questions about TG feel free to drop me a PM. I'll be around to chatter about on the forums as well. If there's anything I can do to help get this going let me know.

      Good luck,
      [must find old banner on my machine now, filehost disbanded my old file... "dissatisfied-with-photobucket.jpoo"]

      "WARNING: Don't let me throw frags!"




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