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    As it appears, Swat4 may be picking back up. As such, I feel it is a good idea to kinda get a look at the number of people still active with swat 4
    Originally posted by This is an example!
    forum name: XXXXX
    in-game name: XXXXXX
    time zone/playtime: MST/GMT-7, nights/weekends
    Game-style: Always "TG", Aggresive, defensive, super-tactial, etc.
    Teamspeak?: The answer should always be yes... always.
    forum name: Shoomfie
    in-game name: [TG]Shoomfie
    time zone/playtime: MST/GMT-7, currently offline most of the time due to work. :'(
    Game-style: Always "TG", every style.
    Teamspeak?: yes... always. ;)

    "WARNING: Don't let me throw frags!"

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    Re: SWAT4 Census

    forum name: Unk
    in-game name: |TG-Irr| Unkl
    time zone/playtime: EST-UTC-5, nights/weekends
    Game-style: Always "TG", super-tactial, (although, I used to think standing on the door was a legit tactic...oh boy)
    Teamspeak?: Yes I'm pretty sure.

    I'd be very excited to get in a few games of this. I really don't think there is a better game for CQB tactics...if you don't have the drop on the baddies you are dead...period. Every element of the team needs to be right on the ball & on cue or else you become ineffective faster than you can blink.

    I'm about to get insanely busy but please lets find a time to get this game back in the mix. I'll grab that Sheriff mod right now.
    |TG-189th| Unkl
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    "this is on par with groups you have to join to get the quality of gameplay and i really enjoyed it" - random dude
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