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  • Status update (Plan of action)

    After checking SWAT 4's proverbial pulse. I've found that the desire to play more SWAT 4 is alive and well here at TG. It's been a couple of weeks, so lets recap what we learned so far, and discuss the future of SWAT 4 here.
    1. SOPS
      I was plesently surprised, to see how well we all worked together, most of the time. The current SWAT SOP by Magnum should also probably be updated. Something to include server/forum rules, and more "out-of-game" information. I'd like to take some time eventually, and adapt it for our current needs. I'll keep you guys posted.
    2. Server
      I think the biggest setback currently, is not having our own server. Getting us all on one random server, and then having to play by their rules is taking up a lot of our time. Also when a "stranger" comes on, we don't have the authority to tell him to get a mic, or play the "TG" way. I'd like to nominate myself as the point person to put in a proposal to get one for TG. What my plan is, is to get feedback, and ideas from everyone else in this post, and then I'll construct a draft for us to look over. Then I'll make changes, submit a final draft, then send it off to "the brass", through the proper channels. So the survey questions are: 1. why or why not, we need a server here at TG; 2. And if so, what do you think should be required (e.g. mods, x-pack, passworded and/or open, etc.).
    3. Leadership
      Right now, we're a small enough group, that democracy styled decisions will probably work. But that being said, I feel that there needs to be somebody in charge of the server/subforum (dare I say: game-staff!??!). Correct me if I'm wrong of course, but it's just a good strategy to have (especially if we get a server up).

    My first plan of action, is get in touch with the the brass and let them know (probably this weekend), that we're coming for them :D.
    SOP: I'll post up a draft (in a separate post), for us to modify, to an acceptable middle-ground between us.
    Server: post here, about the server survey questions above, and any other comments/concerns about getting a server up.
    Leadership: I will be contacting admins, about how they want to proceed, with getting a game-officer. (Whether it's thumbs-up or down, if an application needs to be sent directly to them, or if we need to vote and give them a conclusion, etc.) And I'll keep you posted.

    Please let me know, if none of this makes sense, so that I can clarify if need be.

    Looking forward to more SWAT 4,

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    Re: Status update (Plan of action)

    SOP update: I took a quick look at the SOP. It's still pretty basic. But I'm working on making it first: more readable, then I'll take a look at the content. I put it in google docs, so you can take a look at it and suggest any changes, as I go along.


    "WARNING: Don't let me throw frags!"


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      Re: Status update (Plan of action)

      I like the sound of this. I love Swat 4

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        Re: Status update (Plan of action)

        Lookin good! I am finally back home and on my gaming rig. So I can play better. That's why I kept getting shot last time....the laptop....yeah......


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          Re: Status update (Plan of action)


          Server stuff: I contacted the admins, and basically what it came down to was that it really depends on how many supporting members are on board with this, and really want to get it up. Please take a look at my server propasal draft here. The draft is by no means complete, but I encourage you all (especially you SM's), to back me up on this and help urge the administration to see that we could use a server... badly.


          P.S. I haven't submitted the proposal yet, but I sent them a message to get some more info, and get the ball rolling.

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