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SWAT music vid on MTV2...

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  • SWAT music vid on MTV2...

    I don't get MTV2, or really even watch MTV at all anymore, but 10-david had this bit of news that I thought some might be interested in... someone give feedback on this program that plays music videos made to popular games... and if you can somehow record and upload the SWAT video they talk about in this post... that would be really nice of you. ;)

    copy/paste from

    SWAT 4 Coming to Your MTV
    Pie4Foo - 10:15am EST Today

    The SWAT officers play music - didn't you know?

    Vivendi let us know late yesterday that SWAT 4 would soon make its first ever debut on the MTV2 television program, Video Mods. The program features popular music remixed to the visuals of popular video games, including our own SWAT 4. As the screenshot in the right-hand column shows, the SWAT team has been run through a high-gloss 3D rendering program, and can now play musical instruments.

    Apparently the team is a fan of hard rocking, as they've elected to sing the 2002 hit "Take it Away" from The Used.

    The song will debut on Video Mods tonight, August 26th, at 10:30 EST and 7:30 PST. For those of you without MTV2, we'll try to get a copy of the video up on the File Archive once it becomes available.

    PS: On a side note, I picked up that new ShowCenter 200 device that connects to your home entertainment system, uses your home wireless network to play all you music, pictures, and videos on your computer... to your TV... MAN is that sweet... all my IL2 and Lock On vids I've collected look and sound GREAT in hi-def and surround sound....SWEET! ;)
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