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    Just singed up there now just to post this, but I need help ASAP.

    I torrented Swat 4 about a few weeks ago, got it working and boot it up. The opening cut scenes played and the sound played. By the time it came to the main menu my screen went blue; although the menu sounds still could be heard and even when I moved around my mouse I could hear it moving up and down the menu.
    Now currently at the minute i'm using a 16" TV as I have no money at all for a monitor. My resolution was set at 1920x1080 and my TV couldn't handle it and I knew it, text was hard to see, it was very distorted. I then knocked the resolution down to 1280 x 720 and it looked a lot better so I decided to run Swat 4 to see if it made any change, and it did. The game ran perfectly! I played the game for about 6 hours one day and turned off my computer.
    The day after it I turned on my computer and then ran Swat 4 again to discover that it went all blue, again. The same thing happened as it did on day 1.
    I uninstalled the game several times and re-installed it and it still does not work.
    I then searched around on the internets looking to see what I could do and I seen some forums talking about the "swat4.ini" file and I messed around with that and yet no luck.
    I'm now turning to YOU to hopefully get some luck and advice. It would be very appreciated.
    By the was this is not the first game it happens to.
    Also Im using a Nvidia Geforce gt 430.

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    Re: Swat 4 Help

    Well... for one... you torrented it. That's always hit or miss (and I choose not to support such methods.

    But as this sounds like a hardware issue, I'll help you out if I can. How old is your card? Is the blue screen a solid blue (with no text) or is it "blue-screen-o-death" blue? It could be a short in the cable or maybe your card is gone/going bad. A last choice is to run the software that's giving you issues, in 256 color compatability mode. Right mouse click on the icon and go to properties >> compatibility, and check off run in 256 colors. Also running in Windows XP (SP 3) might help.

    Go buy the game and let me know if any of the above works.
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