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SWAT 4 Expansion Due 2006

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  • SWAT 4 Expansion Due 2006

    Saw this over on 10-David.

    No patch forthcoming, as the Irrational Team is working on an expansion.

    Seems that little is actually known about it, although the following has been cobbled together by the 10-David guys:

    * Compliant, but unsecured suspects can no longer be considered secured. They will have to be secured, as was the case in SWAT 3.
    * The expansion pack promises to offer missions which will be tied together by a linked storyline (a suspect is on the run across multiple missions).
    * Simultaneous commands to both the red and blue teams is possible.
    * Co-op missions for 10 players will now be supported.
    * The quick mission maker can create scenarios which can be used in co-op.
    * Voice-issued commands now play a crucial role in both single-player and multiplayer manuevers.
    * Suspects will now use blind supression fire.
    * Evidence at a crime scene can be disposed of by suspects.
    * A new multiplayer mode is planned which will feature "asymmetric" weapon distribution (think of Splinter Cell's multiplayer modes, perhaps?).
    More here.

    The thread that started it all is here.

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    Re: SWAT 4 Expansion Due 2006

    Atleast it sold good enough to get an expansion. I hope Act of War gets one too.
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