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Is there life in this bad boy?

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  • Is there life in this bad boy?

    I've been a fan of the SWAT game series since the first one... I personally think SWAT 4 is the best, most realistic squad shooter out there, followed closely by America's Army... (IMO)

    As most know we have a co-op server for SWAT 4 but it is hardly used... which is kinda weird considering that you only need 2 to 5 players... (heck, I lone wolf all the missions with complete success)... and one mission only takes about 15 to 30 minutes... so one hour a week for some co-op action...isn't that possible, or is it really just so little interest in this game?

    If you have SWAT 4 and want to get together for an hour or so, once a week for a mission or two or three... what night and time would be best?

    Part of my person problem is that I work evening/nights... and only off Sun and Mon, and I run the AA server Sunday Nights... I could get online for a co-op mission or two before the AA game, or on Monday night, (as long as my Bucs ain't playing, lol.)

    Any takers...any other feedback or suggestions? I'd hate to see a game that IMO represents exactly what TG is, disappear due to in-activity... at least we have the add-on coming in 2006..which will add more missions, maps, weapons, and toys...along with a few in-game fixes/updates.
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    Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

    I'm playing some missions from 10-David: Assault on City Hall, and a couple of others.

    AA and Swat 4 are what TG is about, you are right, but with so many titles competing for attention, and the current BF2 bias of most of the members here, I fear that SWAT 4 will always be a niche title.

    I'm game any night save Saturday for a couple of missions.


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      Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

      Try out that new SFF mod. You can organize yourselves into teams and the EL can give orders that will only show up for red/blue team.

      - It's who you game with.


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        Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

        Saturday and Sunday nights for me...
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          Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

          Sunday and Saturday nights for me. Granted I am not sure about Sat. I am like the first person my Best Buy goes to when they need someone to help cover in the COmputer department so God knows when I will be free. I don't work on Sundays at all though so I am free sunday nights.
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            Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

            I really love swat4 and would like to play more of it. As Mateo said there is a lot of competition for my time with so many good games out right now.

            I'm good any evening after 10 eastern (except thurs.) and weekend afternoons.
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              Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

              Ah, Swat 4, I remember ye well. I no longer have a copy, thanks to questionable methods of obtaining said software, and issues to do with questionable patches of said questionable software.

              But man, pepperballing and tasering your teammates on a LAN was a world of fun.

              Nec aspera terrent.


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                Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                There might not be enough players since the server is restricted to supporting members only as far as I know.
                Reading at how rarely the server is used it should maybe reconsidered whether the server should remain private or not... I guess I'm not the only one who would join if it weren't private (can't afford the 8 bucks per months with all the bills and games to pay).

                The only other alternative, which could likely work, is to host the game on your own PC if you have the bandwith. I'd be willing to host a game, my bandwith will probably do for all 5 players.


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                  Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                  edit (couldn't edit my previous posting anymore):
                  I just checked out the SSF mod, and I think although a lot was changed (I'm not a fan of that usually, since the core game can easily get lost) it really makes the game more enjoyable in MP Coop mode since it allows blue, red teams and element leader (as well as giving commands to each team or to everyone) as well as it supports up to 10 players in coop.
                  Most of the changes seem to be for the better since the game feels more challenging now (AI seems to behave a lot smarter).
                  You can even choose to not wear a gun or even armor. ;) That could allow for a new game mode: coop mode with player hostages and player suspects (TDM with a few people unarmed and unarmored).
                  Luckily, the mod doesn't mess up Swat 4 (it's installed seperately), you should try it out if you are looking for more possibilities of teamplay and a new challenge.
                  Mod can be found at

                  All that could bring new fun to those who burned out here with Swat 4 maybe. ;)

                  Before that I tried the UCB mod (which doesn't change much but adds red/blue team) but it somehow didn't fully work so I can't recommend that.


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                    Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                    Originally posted by Landorin
           well as it supports up to 10 players in coop.
                    Really? I guess I hadn't seen that. I will give this a few rounds for sure.
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                      Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                      If we drum up a little more interest, and settle on a solid night to play this, I'd be willing to go buy the game. I loved SWAT 3.
                      So I'd need 4 guys to commit to one night - I'll be the 5th.
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                        Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                        I'm going to pick this game back up. I think that, with all the truly excellent tactical games out right now, it might be good to start spreading play time over a few of em, rather than focus too strongly on just one. Ergo, I'm up for a SWAT 4 night (as well as an AA night, a BF2 night, etc etc).

                        Long way of saying... I'm in (so long as I can fit my erratic schedule for it).


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                          Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                          Well, I played my 3rd Swat 4 MP day today and I'm quite pleased.
                          I didn't have the pleasure to play with any TGers yet but from all the people that visited my server a very few guys turned out to be good teamworkers (of course I recommended to them) who I team up with regularly now.

                          I'm going to add the SSF mod today in order to get a higher teamwork/tactical/coop experience, just like in SP mode.

                          I noticed almost everyone in this thread is from the States (and Canada) and I'm the only European.
                          Regarding the time difference we should meet at some late evening time (my time, that would be noon to afternoon, depending on your time zone).
                          How about give it a go on Saturday, 19th, let's say somewhere from 5 pm EST onwards? I'd be at home about that time. I guess it would be at the following times for the different time zones:
                          4 pm CST (or are you guys still on CDT? Couldn't figure that out yet) and 2 pm PST (10 pm GMT and 11 pm CET).

                          So what do you guys think? We could agree on a set time, of course, "5 pm onwards" is a bit vague. On the other hand, I could just let the server up and running.
                          Also, with or without the SSF mod? Since it's installed and launched seperately you can easily switch. However, I'd really recommend the SSF mod since it allows red/blue team (and element leader) as well as up to 10 players in coop and more challenging AI.


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                            Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                            All right, I got a small website up now that shows my server status. If it is online and you're looking for some swat 4 coop, search for "Team Landorin" server in the game browser, you will need at least the SSF mod 2.1 installed.
                            here's the website:


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                              Re: Is there life in this bad boy?

                              How did I miss the fact that there are custom maps out there for SWAT4? Are they good?

                              I've dl'd a couple and I'll try them out over the next couple days. Thanks Landorin!
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