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OMG! SWAT 4 released on GOG!

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  • OMG! SWAT 4 released on GOG!

    I've been waiting for this for sooooo long...

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    I still have my Gold Edition Boxed Set with the Stetchkov Syndicate. I think Unkl and a few of the Arma regulars have it too. Great game!


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      This made my day. I bought it for old times sake. Anyone down for a couple rounds at some point?

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        I've bought this game a couple times (curse you D2D!). I recently found my disks but I remembered one of them has corrupt data. >:( it's still a classic and one of my favorite COOP games (besides arma, and hypothetically 10-13 when it comes out.)
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          I not only still have my copy, along with the SS, but I Still consider the damn game to be relevant.

          There aren't a lot of Law Enforcement games out there that encourage less than lethal tactics and actually grade you on how non-violent you can be during missions. I mean Metal Gear Solid emphasizes incapacitation over kills, but not like SWAT.

          There's something more satisfying about having to put yourself in the decision making process of LEO in those situations.

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            Count me in for some coop and VIP as well. Nothing gets the blood going than that final stretch to the escape zone with the VIP knowing full well there's a potential ambush around every corner and the timer is counting down.

            If everything is working in the GOG release of SWATEd I'll take a serious look at cranking out some new coop maps for it.




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