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My 1st impression of SWAT4 add-on...

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  • My 1st impression of SWAT4 add-on...

    I loved SWAT4 as most readers/visitors here know...

    I did the review of it, and still play it at least once a week, now strictly online co-op.

    I picked up my copy of the just released add-on yesterday, and played the first 4 missions in the new campaign this AM.

    Here's my "first impressions":

    1. It's still SWAT 4 so it's still a great and tactical game.

    2. When it first loads, I was staring at a black screen for about 30 seconds... scary, thought I was going to have problems... but just wait it comes open.

    3. The new intro is cool, ONCE, but funny how, even in there intro it had those ad craps all over.

    4. Training has been replaced with whats new... kinda cool, because if you've done the SWAT training, you won't really be doing it again.

    5. New tools, weapons, and toys are good, but found myself personally sticking with the same layout I've always used.

    6. Maps are nice and big, but whoever was the architect needs to be fired, never seen so many damn rooms and doors to plain buildings, like the concert hall for example. Major amount of room clearing going on in these maps.

    7. Now I know SWAT4 AI wasn't perfect, but I thought one of the best, especially after just reviewing Lockdown and the terrible, or should I say non-existent AI, but some of the add-on SWAT members must of took a stupid pill... really I think the maps were made to be for online co-op, and the once great AI, just ain't up to par. Entering a bathroom alone... just to let you know, you NEVER operate alone, there is two red guys and two blue guys they NEVER leave each other, they enter everything together, including a bathroom or even a closet, (of course thats a figure of speech, but they stick together like glue.) The AI isn't bad, still good, hell GREAT compared to Lockdown, but the maps were made a little advanced for the in game AI.

    8. More then once the team stacked, mirrored, and I ordered a open, bang clear... a perfect throw at the subjects feet 5 yards down a hallway and then the team enters only for the first 2 to be taken down by the suspect, then the third might cap him... he should of been blinded and stunned in that closed area. Some super bad guys I think... more to make it difficult for co-op.

    9. Pretty much, it's a nice add-on but mostly geared for online play, and for co-op, which is fine for me because after I do the campaigns once or twice, most of my SWAT action is online co-op anyway.

    Looking forward to test the new and improved co-op this weekend. ;)
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    Re: My 1st impression of SWAT4 add-on...

    To be fair, concert halls have huge amounts of doors. Otherwise it's a fire hazard.




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