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  • SWAT Specific TG SOP

    Tactical Gamer SWAT SOP

    Taken from FM 1698, dated in the late 70's, adjusted and edited for today’s tactics and technology, and also edited for SWAT 4 game play action.

    Purpose of Tactical Gamer:
    Tactical Gamer is the premiere online gaming community for mature gamers. Tactical Gamer members play computer games the way they were designed to be played. They play with teamwork, tactics, and a dedication to as much realism as the medium allows.

    Purpose of SWAT:
    The mission of the Special Weapons and Tactics team is to provide ready response to situations beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained law enforcement officers. SWAT responds to three basic type calls.

    a) Barricaded person(s).
    b) Hostage situation.
    c) High risk warrant serves.

    Voice Communications:
    All Tactical Gamer members are expected to utilize our dedicated team speak server. It is recommended and highly suggested that all gamers playing co-op operate as one team with one leader. Using the team speak server is for communications with all members.

    If there is a large map, and the element leader decides to split the teams into two. In game VOIP will then be used. Red team will "ignore" members of blue team, and visa versa. So team operations will be over in game VOIP, while overall communications will be utilized with the team speak server.

    Weapon and Equipment Load Out:
    The default load out for each officer is the following:
    One main assault weapon (recommend either the MP5 or G36), a Tazer for a secondary weapon, three flash bangs, and two door wedges. (we no longer use the opt-wand in game.)

    The above is known as a "default" load out, but can be changed by the element leader, or the individual based on mission type and number of partners.

    There are two types of ammo modeled in game. Full Medal Jacket (FMJ) is recommended for known suspects with body armor. Be advised that FMJ rounds can go through one person and kill another also. The other is Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) which is recommended when there’s a hostage possibility.

    Element Leaders:
    The game assigns the element leader once the mission is started. It is recommended that we allow whoever the game picks to lead. This will give everyone a chance to lead, and also done randomly. But a EL can be voted on in game.

    The first thing the element leader does is assign numbers and partners to the element. This is vital for control and teamwork. Officers 1 and 2 are assigned as partners, then 3 and 4, and then 5 and 6 if needed, and so on. Once assigned a number, remember it, once assigned a partner never leave them.

    Odd number officers are the ones that do the mirroring, opening, and usually enter first.
    Even number officers are the ones that cover, toss in flash bangs, then follows in there partner.
    Odd number officers cover danger areas and doors, while even number partners secure subjects and hostages.

    The element leader calls the plan of entry, orders the team to execute, then enters in last after hearing clear from every officer.

    -Hallways: Teams of two move down a hallway, officer 1 directs the movement, while officer 2 is slightly behind and just right of officer 1. Any doors on the left are covered by 1 while doors on the right are covered by 2. Both officers NEVER cross in front of a door or area without clearing it first.

    -Staircases: Teams of two moves up or down stairs, 1 watch up or down in the direction the team is moving, officer 2 walks backwards covering the rear or high ground. Unless there is another team to cover the rear while that team moves up and clears the stairs. You stop at the top or bottom of the stairs (depending on direction moving) while the element re-stacks.

    Stacking up on a door or entry is the most important key to proper room entry. A "regular" stack is 1 at the left side of the door, 2 on the right, 3 on the left side behind officer 1, and 4 on the right behind 2, (1 and 2 enter together, then 3 and 4 together.) A "stack left" is where you stack in a line on the left side of a door in numerical order. "Stack right" is the same but stacked on the right of the door. Usually when one side is a danger zone and unsafe to be on that side.

    Using the Optiwand:
    Officer 1 is the primary user of the opti-wand, officer 2 covers in case a door is opened on him. Officer 1 kneels down, mirrors, and reports a quick description of the room and any known contacts. Once his report is made, the element leader calls out the entry mode.

    Basic Entry:
    A basic entry is where there are no known contacts or subjects on the other side. Officer 1 opens the door, enters going left, with officer 2 right behind him. Then officer 3 moves in and goes right, followed by officer 4. The all clear is given for each room.

    Specialized Entries:
    Specialized entries are when you know or think there’s a subject or hostage in the room. These are default combat entries but the first officer in ALWAYS goes strait to the known contact. Then the back up officer goes opposite, covering other danger areas.

    -Button Hook: A button hook is where officer 1 enters and goes left and stops on the left side of the inside of door covering 9 o'clock. Officer 2 enters and goes right, just inside the door and covers 3 o'clock. If more officers, then 3 enters and goes left covering 10 o'clock, followed by 4 going right and cover 2 o'clock. Your all close to the door, you don't go in deep, just within 5 yards of the door. But NEVER block the door.

    -Criss Cross: A criss cross is where officer 1 enters from the left and goes kind of strait to the right side of the inside door, covering 3 o'clock, followed by officer 2 from the right to the left covering 9 o'clock. Other officer’s criss cross, 3 from the left to the right to cover 2 o'clock, and 4 from the right to the left to cover 2 o'clock. Criss cross is a faster entry because your moving strait, but dangerous with a teammate walking in front of you.

    -Starburst: A starburst is usually used when entering a big area, it’s the same as a button hook, but you move further into the room, and each 4 man officer covers 1/4th of the room. You move into the room in order, you get to the center of the room, and your backs are all together. 1 covers 6 o’clock (the door you entered) to 9 o’clock, 2 covers 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock, 3 covers from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock, and finally 4 from 3 o’clock to 12 o’clock.

    -Penetration: A penetration entry is another large room entry. All officers enter; move down to position on the entry wall, and then all face and cover 12 o’clock. Then in a line formation and upon the element leaders command you move slowly towards 12 o’clock clearing everything.
    1 enters left of door and moves all the way down wall to the left, 2 follows stopping halfway between 1 and the door, 3 then enters and goes right all the way down, then finally 4 enters right and goes halfway to 3 and the door. The Element Leader then takes the door position.

    Calling Clear:
    It is imperative for the element leader to hear all his officers call “clear” after each entry. Usually it’s in unison “1 clear, 2 clear, 3 clear, 4 clear”.

    Reload your weapon before each entry into known threats. Know how much ammo is in your gun always. If you must reload under fire. Kneel down, call “reloading”, your partner should then be standing next to you and covering. Never reload at the same time.

    Officer Down:
    If an officer goes down, immediately call him in. The Element leader then becomes the forth man in the assault team. Unless there was another 2 man team, then they move up and the loner moves to rear guard.

    Hostage & Subject Control:
    After a team enters and clears a room or area. The odd number officers provide cover to danger areas, doors, and suspects. The even number officers are the ones that hand cuff and call in subjects first then hostages. Pick up subject weapons as soon as you approach them.
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