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SWAT4 loading screens buggy

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  • SWAT4 loading screens buggy

    I have this premature graphics screen when loading the game or loading a mission. i see graphics that are not yet fully developed on the loading screens... also when playing CAREER i cannot do anything to my profile only on the expansion... so that is that. Magnum said somebody had the same problem and got it fixed... please let me know what you did...

    aside from those the game is working just fine... hope to see yall out there.

    I got SWAT4 Gold edition from Direct2Drive if that is anything of use.

    shoot loading screen... that is what i meant in the title.

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    Re: SWAT4 leading screens buggy

    I had this problem, I had to use older video drivers.

    The current nvidia 84.21 drivers don't work with SWAT4. I had the exact problems you described.

    I had to drop back to 81.98, which was the official driver version before this current version.


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      Re: SWAT4 loading screens buggy

      I had a problem where I would get a wall that was textured with some sort of bubbles, when ever I was loading. I downloed my copy off, the way I fixed this was I reinstalled, then when it asked me to install gamespy I "accepted". When I first installed I did not install gamespy which is why I think it was messing up my loading screens. Give this a try and let me know if that fixes it.




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