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Do you block doors?

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  • Do you block doors?

    When a room has several entries, after clearing it the best way to secure it often is to bodyblock each door with an officer, since due to the game's limitation you can only push a door open. Then you'd get "bouncers" that try to enter the room and can't, allowing you leisurely prep a taser and stun him upon entry.

    However all of this is highly unrealistic, since in the real world bullets can go through things and doors don't work like that...

    Wedging is more realistic but you'd quickly run out if you secured every room that way.

    On a related question about realism, what are the AI's detection mechanisms? Is it sensitive to voice or the flashlight at all? Or your shadow...

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    Re: Do you block doors?

    I admit, I'm guilty of occassionally body blocking a door. I know it's not realistic and I try not to do it if I remember.

    I know the ai responds to voice and gunfire. I haven't noticed them responding to flashlights or shadows.


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      Re: Do you block doors?

      If I understand what your saying... IMO you don't need to block any door with your body if your using the team correctly....

      Once your team enters and clears a room, the next thing they do (as a 2 man team) is freeze and cover a door.

      So if an element with 3 teams of 2 plus the EL (which is my favorite size), stack up, bang and clear a room with a door to the left, door to the front, and a door to the right (just to say)... then once they bang and clear, the 2 man team that entered and cleared left should automatically cover that door, same with the 2nd team that entered and cleared right, covering the right... and the third (back up 2 man team) enters, clears center and covers center...

      then the EL enters and orders to wedge doors, or Charlie to cover doors while A and B stack up for the next room... then repeat.
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        Re: Do you block doors?

        the few times i have body blocked was when a AI suspect ran up to the door after my teammate had passed it. Jumped in front so he could turn around or the team could get past so we could have at it.
        that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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          Re: Do you block doors?


          Well I am The_Doorman,lol.

          I alot of the times I will be the first man in the room.

          I engage my zones targets, usaully with LTL shottie, get compliance, pick up their guns while continueing to move forward and clear.

          Then I will actually leave the suspects for my trailers to restrain and call in to TOC, and move to secure any doors in my sector.

          I will approach the door arms at the ready fully expecting hostile contact, I wil butt up against the door at the instint of door contact.

          I will then turn to the rest of the room to scan all other sectors to access the tactical situation.

          Only once when it has been established that all sectors and doors are secure, including our entry point will I consider obtaining intel on my door by undeploying my main weapon and deploying my tactical aid, Optiwand.

          After recon has been established i will as a rule pick the lock to ready for any other tact aid deployment, ie flashes, bangs or gas.

          At this time if ordered to I will also deploy a wedge.

          The_Doorman Out.
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