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Has anyone been showing for SWAT4 Mondays?

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  • Has anyone been showing for SWAT4 Mondays?

    I have been very busy lately and unable to make it, but man - I really like this game, and single player is not nearly as fulfilling. What would it take to get a good number - four at least - in the server at once? Change the day, change the time? With the NFL coming up and Monday night football in full effect, we might want to keep this in mind.
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    Re: Has anyone been showing for SWAT4 Mondays?

    last Monday, 2 newbies showed... but I played the GRAW beta...

    The week before that 5 regulars showed and we had some great games.

    What is nice about SWAT 4 is that you can get a small group together and play a couple of missions within an hour... so it's a nice game/server to have around for some quick, "I can only play tonight for an hour or so" action...

    I see SWAT4 slowing alot in the near future... but I don't see it dying... once we get a nice, tested and approved 6 to 10 new maps in the rotation... that should add a little fire back to this excellent game... SWAT4 is a perfect example, and a great training ground for MOUT operations and such...

    Heck almost everyone I've talked with says they have learned and play better in other games like GR and AA, because of the SWAT "MOUT" style training.

    Personally... I have always had just a couple of days a week to multiplay, and thou SWAT 4 is slowing, I will always be willing to jump into a game or two while waiting for a group to show for say another game like AA, VBS1, or GRAW.
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