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  • Canadian Forces: Direct Action Mod

    I just surfed around to after a long time and look what i've found (might be old news):
    The Canadian Army is still in the process of building a SWAT4 mod to be used as a training tool within the Canadian Forces. Captain Jeremy MacDonald has asked me to keep the community informed.
    They are building a SWAT4 mod for training purposes and are planning on releasing it for free. They are cooperating with Vivendi and SWAT4 community mod developers to get this done.

    Here are a few interesting quotes
    Not only are the civilian characters controlable, I should add that we have made it so these individuals could have hidden weapons. By doing this we can hide an instructor in the game and have them act as a "wolf in sheeps clothing".

    Our intent is to be able to practice section and platoon size drills, and for that a larger terrain is required.

    In all some twelve new maps will be delivered with the mod. Authors have given us permission to include some previously developed maps, which are going to be included as well.
    This looks very promising and might be a nice fit for TG. Read all about it here and here.
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    Re: Canadian Forces: Direct Action Mod

    Thats really cool.
    100 pixels height is too small people.


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      Re: Canadian Forces: Direct Action Mod

      isnt the title kind of an oxy-moron?

      OH SNAP!
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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