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SWAT4 Take Down mod soon...

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  • SWAT4 Take Down mod soon...

    Read the below over at looks interesting, and god knows SWAT4 needs a nice mod for a good shot in the arm... one of the most tactical games I've ever played in my life, but too tactical for many, I just hope this mod don't dumb it down to a SWAT type counter strike or something...


    Hot-SWAT-Mods is excited to announce the newest SWAT 4 Mod thatís soon to be released titled SWAT 4 : Take Down. This Mod is designed and developed by numerous members of the SWAT 4 Modding and Mapping Community. The Mod is being created to provide a lot of new features that the players themselves want to see added into their SWAT 4 gameplay.

    SWAT 4 : Take Down is set to offer some of the following features :

    - 50+ primary/secondary weapons
    - 7 kit items
    - 10 single/multi-player maps
    - 5 multiplayer maps
    - Customizable body armor
    - Multi-player chat lobbies (Special thanks to AlienAbducter)
    - Antics integrated anti-cheat system (Special thanks to Rapher)
    - Custom skins (Special thanks to ATL)
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    Re: SWAT4 Take Down mod soon...

    Nice, I'll give it a try when it comes out.


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      Re: SWAT4 Take Down mod soon...

      I'd love to start playing this game again.
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        Re: SWAT4 Take Down mod soon...

        yah, i would like to play this game with TG.
        100 pixels height is too small people.


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          Re: SWAT4 Take Down mod soon...

          It's 2010 now is this Mod every gonna be released, If so I want to beta dl it, YOur not breaking any laws as long as your Non profit and you make a Terms and Abuse Policy with the Installer. FYI that legal mess you speak of sounds illinformed and I just think your bluffing because you couldn't fix the bugs. I don't care as long as you make them work with other mods like the 11-99 mod. How the hell can they make there mod without dealing with Legal Issues??? Your website probably got hacked for lying to the community and teasing us with your Ultimate SWAT4 mod. Nobody likes teasers.


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            Re: SWAT4 Take Down mod soon...

            All your site links are broken and this MOD needs to be released. Who the **** cares? About legal issues, ****in Release the Mod with the steps I showed you and stop being Pussys. TD MOD is NEEDED! If I knew how to do this **** I would make my own. I've already make a few Weapon Skins. Like a Gold M4A1, Urban Camo one, and a Tactical Ak47 skin, instead of that taliban old ass russian ****. No Woodgrain **** here.




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