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    I figured since there's at least a few people interested in SWAT 4, and obviously some tactically minded people here. You might find some of these books of interest. I own all of them and they are a decent source for information. Some of it can be generic to the operator (those with prior military/law enforcement training), but with diagrams and explanations they're worth having around.

    The best out of my library on the subject has to be...

    Raids: A Tactical Guide to High Risk Warrant Service - With plenty of diagrams and in depth information it's a good read. It's a tad behind the times (my version), but Amazon has a 2005 edition on their site which may be better.

    SWATCOM - Very generic audio and visual signals/communications for tactical teams. Might not be helpful in a video game (unless you're using TS as a radio), but it's a decent addition to a library of a paintballer or airsoft user.

    Swat Leadership and Tactical Planning : The Swat Operator's Guide to Combat Law Enforcement - Knowing what I know now, this is a generic manual. But it's helpful for anyone interested in starting a team for the purpose of paintball, airsoft, or even an online tactical group. Otherwise for anyone with any amount of actual training, this should be passed over.

    SWAT Battle Tactics: How to Organize, Train, and Equip a SWAT Team for Law Enforcement or Self-Defense - Another very generic style book that doesn't explore the fundamentals as much as it should. This is another pass over book if you have any amount of training.

    Sniper Counter Sniper - I've never been a sniper in real life or while gaming. I'm an expert rifle shooter, but I never got into the whole "death from afar" thing. Plus when I was in the military it was a lot more fun to be a machinegunner and firing hundreds of rounds onto a target. :P But, this is a decent little manual for anyone interested in the sniper mentality. Some generic info, but it goes in depth in areas. Worth reading if you ask me.

    Swat Team: Police Special Weapons and Tactics - This is a fun little book. Part of something called the "Power Series" it has some great information and fantastic images (photos). It's worth picking up if you have a little spare money laying around. Oh and if you do... send some my way.

    I have a couple other SWAT manuals and books some of which you can no longer find and others that are too generic to mention. But those should get anyone started if they're interested in the subject. I might also suggest reading the book "Chief: My Life in the LAPD" by Daryl F. Gates. I found this book in a library once and rented it. I read through it and then went looking for a copy myself. I never could find one so I ended up writing the Chief directly at his home. No idea where I found the address to his house at age 14 or so. :P But he wrote me back and even sent me a signed copy of the book. He gave a bit of inspiration on becoming a Police Officer with his kind words in a short letter. I admired the fact that he took the time to do that for some kid. But if you weren't aware, he's what you might call the founding father of SWAT, or at least one of the crucial bearers of the program that was first introduced in LA. Definitely worth reading.

    If you guys have any other books worth mentioning... I'm always looking to pick up more. If you can, post the title and author. ;)
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