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SWAT 4 mods... which one to use?

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  • SWAT 4 mods... which one to use?

    After re-installing this old gem I've looked around for mods (I own SWAT 4 and the TSS expansion) and so far I've found:


    I've already tried SSF and it was good but it had a really annoying problem. The problem was when I ordered my guys to clear a room with a grenade they would throw in the grenade and then immediately run in after it (instead of waiting for it to go off first, like they do in the stock game) and more often than not the ensuing gunfight was over before the grenade had even detonated. So I'm downloading the mods listed above and I thought I'd ask for advice.

    Which of these will best tweak the game mechanics for greater "realism"? I'm talking about AI changes such as increased hearing ranges for the suspects, no more "instant shoot" ability on the suspects, realistic ballistics, and so on. I couldn't care less if the mod adds new guns or not, and I'm not really bothered about new missions either (unless they are done to a very high standard) I'm really only interested in improved gameplay.

    CFDA is massive and seems to be used by actual armed forces for training, which sounds promising, but in the list of changes all I can see is new maps and new guns. It doesn't say anything at all about game mechanics. Does it change them at all?

    If anyone is reading this has some advice on which mod is "best" then I'm all ears! :)


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    Re: SWAT 4 mods... which one to use?

    i really enjoy sheriff special forces there is version 1.0 and version 2.0

    ok after installing stetchkov install the sheriff special forces modification - there are two diffrences in them. one allows all the maps from stetchkov and gives weapons like multi tear gas gernades instead of hand release discharges which is cool to get alot of points.

    i ****ing love the game, i think command and conquer generals zero hour and swat 4 kill the xbox 360. i told sierra to quit being dumb and put one on the 360. bitches are bull****ting they always wanna play some fagit alien crap.




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