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  • SWAT 4 music video contest winners...

    May 15th: I am sorry to report that the battlefield connection music video making contest is over and we only had one entry into the contest. I thought it was a great idea with some great art work for prizes, but I guess I was in the minority on that opinion.

    By default, I am proud to announce that Team Element ( is the winner of the contest and will be receiving the SWAT art pieces. I want to thank Team Element for participating and submitting there video, obviously they put a lot of work into the video and deserve the win anyway. Check out there video here:


    (left click to view or right click and save as to download.)

    A special thanks to the community members who agreed to judge this contest, unfortunately your services are not needed due to lack of interest.

    Please remember that today, May 15th, is National Law Enforcement Memorial day and remember police officers who have died serving there communities throughout the United States, especially any officer that may have been killed in the line of duty in your neighborhood or city.

    Check out the police officer's who gave the ultimate sacrifice for there service and there stories here:
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    Re: SWAT 4 music video contest winners...

    Nice job on the video guys!
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      Re: SWAT 4 music video contest winners...

      Very nice video, guys! Riyker put it to music? I like the climax in the cult chapel! Very well done...
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        Re: SWAT 4 music video contest winners...

        Thx guys - would have been nice to have had some more entries lol :)




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