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    Now that I'm done with exams, I can start doing the whole official admin-dom thing.

    First, the server is set at 5, but we can enable more. If we have enough for two fire teams, we can do some PvP in addition to the normal coop goodness.

    Next, anyone bored of COOP? If so, let me know. I'm not bored of them yet, since the placement of the perps is partly random, and every time we play, there is always some charlie-foxtrot that keeps the game interesting. But there are other game types (VIP, Rapid Deployment, Barricade) so if anyone wants to mix it up, let me know.

    Third, is Sunday working for everyone, or should we move the day?

    Post your thoughts below.

    Let's be careful out there,

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    Re: Other Game Types

    Sunday works well for me. I think we could use the other game types every once in awhile but I recoomend we bump the number of players to 16 or so when we play the other modes. Coop is fun I would mind trying to see if we could get more people for it. Have two fireteams sounds great.
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      Re: Other Game Types

      Sundays are fine. I'm easy. I'm usually on later around 10-11 est. no matter what night.
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