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Swat 4 Tactical Team Training Ground

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  • Swat 4 Tactical Team Training Ground

    Having secured a capable computer and internet connection, I find myself in the unique position of being server-capable. I'm also looking for a past time to hone my game and have the sort of fun that's only available with people you know, and people you game with on a regular basis.

    As such, this is an open call to the interest of a hosted, one-night-a-week team builder and tactic experiment range, using Swat 4:TTS as the basis. I'm offering my computer as the server and my time as a host and member of a solid and rotating group that wishes to get their feet wet in tactical games, in team based play, and with other tactical gamers in general, in an environment that isn't as high demand as a popular games ranked server.

    Swat 4 is uniquely qualified in that regard, with the small size of it's maps (both in physical layout and player count) slower, methodical game play thats custom-built for learning moments and example giving, designed for team interaction, thus easing solo gamers into group operation and concepts, and given it has arguably the most restrictive engagement protocols of any tactical shooter made, the perfect environment to transition from the faster paced blow-it-all away game-play to something more the speed of what a TG crew looks for. These experiences and skills are cross-game, cross-role applicable, allowing this to serve as a low-pressure general-purpose TG polishing ground, and I'd be overjoyed to see it used as such, even and especially by players of predominantly other games.

    VoiP protocol and other game play finishing touches will be worked out in advance as convenient to those who are in attendance.

    Thoughts and feelings on the idea are what this post is about. Hit me.

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    Re: Swat 4 Tactical Team Training Ground

    -EIGHTY EIGHT- views, but not a single post yet. If there's something more you guys are looking for information wise, I can't help you until you make your questions known.


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      Re: Swat 4 Tactical Team Training Ground

      An old game... of course I still love and play it...

      BTW, old article, but covers alot of tactics for the game... could be a stepping stone for your plan/idea...
      (was the same article we used at TG back when I ran the TG SWAT server)
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        Re: Swat 4 Tactical Team Training Ground

        I'm up for some Swat4:TSS. Hit me up when I'm in TS. I'm usually in ArmA:Bravo or OFP:DR. I'd be game for some GRAW too.
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          Re: Swat 4 Tactical Team Training Ground

          Magnum50 - Damn helpful, more so than I could have hoped. The link and site are much appreciated, and I'll incorporate it all into my work. Thank you, and know your welcome to join or sit in any time.

          Unk - Consider it done.


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            Re: Swat 4 Tactical Team Training Ground

            Love to play with you guys sometime.




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