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Co-op games tactics (IMO)

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  • Co-op games tactics (IMO)

    I play alot of SWAT 4 co-op, well really not alot just frequently... too many games, not enough time... well anyway, I've discovered a couple of co-op gameplay tips that should be known and followed... remember this is JMO...

    1. While the mission loads, while your at the weapons screen, talk about what you have or what your taking... and FYI, that non-lethal crap is BULL. Your primary should be a killing weapon, and a back up as the tazer or other non-lethal. Flashbangs are a must, and a door wedge. Every two man team should have an Opti-Wand. Also pick a Leader, and assign two man teams... usually red with red, blue with blue. Obey and listen to the leader, and stick with your assigned partner.

    2. Clear the outside first, recommend you wedge all the doors except for the one your entering in if possible.

    3. The element leader is in charge, you obey and follow his orders. He does 90% of the talking, while you should simply be calling targets, calling "clear", or describing a opti-wand view when asked. Keep the team relatively close, 2 don't clear up stairs while 2 downstairs... not enough fire power... now if you have 10 players then 5 up and 5 down is ok.

    4. Don't over extend, if you enter a large room that leads to a partly covered back room or area, enter and hold, treat it as another room.

    5. Know basic organizations, if officer 1 opens the door, officer 2 flashbangs it, then officer 1 enters button hooks to his side then officer 2 enters button hooks his side. (for 2 map entry), for a 4 man entry, officer three and four enter after 1 and 2, going deeper in, Do NOT block the door.

    6. Understand that going through halls or preparing to enter a room is slow and methodical, optiwand every room, call the subjects and locations, along with victims. Form a room plan (lead does this) "Breach, Bang, and Clear", "1 blow it, 2 flash it, 1 enters and engages subject (first one in a room goes after known subject), 2 enters and clears opposite or dark corner, 3 then 4 go deep in and star left and right". (if you don't know these meaning, read my "using real world tactics in computer games" article.)
    It's slow and methodical on the set up, but when it's a GO... it's fast and furious, all of the element should be in the room within 5 seconds, within 10 the element leader should be hearing clear, four times.

    Enjoy the game. ;)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Co-op games tactics (IMO)

    Originally posted by Magnum50
    ...and FYI, that non-lethal crap is BULL. Your primary should be a killing weapon, and a back up as the tazer or other non-lethal.

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    Agree here 100%. That was the thing that turned me off to this game's co-op the most. Everyone wanted a high score, so they all grabbed pepperball guns and stormed the building. To me, the greatest moments in SWAT 4 are holding a real gun on a suspect and ordering him to surrender. At that moment, you have no idea what the suspect is going to do.

    Great advice!




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