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  • How points work

    In MP COOP mode, at the end of each round, you are awarded points. You get maximum points for no fatalities on either side, with no unauthorised use of force.

    The key here is "Unauthorised us of (deadly) force".

    Deadly force means killing tango's, normal force means shooting soemone in the leg who isn't threatening.

    In SWAT 4, this can get a little tricky. Don't be surprised to find out that the guy you killed who was shooting at your team mate has lost you points because he wasn't threatening you directly.

    Basically if a guy is shooting at you, you can shoot him. But sometimes a tango runs at you, gun in hand, but he's not threatening you. However, he will stop on a sixpence and shoot you in the face before you can do anything - because of this, and scenarios like it, you may find that you are deducted points unfairly.

    The only way to beat this is to make sure you all take non-leathel weapons.

    You must also make sure you pick up ALL weapons and REPORT ALL suspects, hostages, injured civillians and downed officers or the game will not end. Press 'B' to see how many weapons and TOC reports remain.

    The difference between threatening and none threatening can really be so slight that you cannot see it, or are unwilling to take a chance with your virtual life. The more you play however, the more you'll start to learn what you can get away with.

    It is an annoying part of the game though. You do well and save all the hostages, only to find you scored poorly because the guy shooting you didn't surrender until the last second, but at the same time him and his buddies where all shooting back at you making it next to impossible to a) see who's surrendering and b) why take the chance when shots are still coming your way.

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    Re: How points work

    If going lethal, the best way of minimizing penalties is to yell for compliance before engaging. If you try for compliance first and the suspect fires, then you take him down. If you see a suspect running away and fire, that's unauthorized use of deadly force even if you yell for compliance. The only situation you can get away with killing is when your life is in immediate danger. The problem is you'll probably be dead before you can defend yourself.

    On the note about defending a team member, it's not certain that you get penalized for that action. I don't think the team is penalized for this instance. It's more likely that the penalty comes from shooting a suspect that is running away or before yelling for compliance. To be sure, always yell for compliance. I notice we sometimes forget to yell for compliance while pelting the suspect with pepper balls. Civilians and suspects will not comply unless you yell for it.

    If you go non-lethal, I prefer to act the same way except for when a suspect runs. Since I'm non-lethal, I'll fire to prevent the suspect from escaping. If that doesn't work, I would let the suspect leave the room to prevent overextending my position. Firing first just because you are non-lethal is just a cheap way of gaining compliance and may be unnecessary use of force, which is minus 5 points.

    It sucks but to get the most points, you have to be non-lethal. Chances are that you will have to engage a suspect. Even if it does not result in a death, you can lose points for injuring a civilian or suspect. So shooting a suspect in the leg to get him to comply will not penalize the team but will not score as many points.

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      Re: How points work

      From what I noticed if you have non lethal weapons it's all hands off. You are able to shoot first without any complaince yells until you feel like it. I don't know if this is a glitch or if I just yell and shoot them until they give up.

      Strangley I've tested torchering suspects or hosties while tied down and you don't seem to get any deductions. This is only the case if you have non lethal things though. I truly shot a guy with a tazer five times and naded him with stingers AND eight rounds of bean bags quit the mission and got no penalties...

      This leads me to believe that with non-lethal you don't have to worry so much about harming the suspects or hosties at all. Just make sure they are unable to shoot and then make them comply by all means non lethally.

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