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  • Non-Lethal Weapons

    There are a few types of non-lethal options. This is a description of each option with advantages and disadvantages.

    Pepperball Gun
    This is your basic modified paintball gun to hold pepperballs. This is the same stuff in a pepper spray. With this, you can fire at a distance but the balls will drop so arc the shots. I find the effective range to be about 20 feet or 6 metres. It can go further but the balls will drop several feet. Also, be careful when firing at close ranges. You can pepper yourself so keep a minimum range of 2-3 feet. It carries 200 rounds and does not have to be reloaded. Once the 200 rounds is finished, you're empty but it's rare to run out.

    Beanbag Shotgun
    It's the same as the regular Nova shotgun but modified for beanbags. This is great for close range work and against suspects with gas masks. However, you only get 22 extra bean bags and starting with 8 loaded. That's 30 shots total and that can run out fast.

    Taser Gun
    This is a nice secondary in case a suspect will not comply with your primary non-lethal weapon. I think you get 15 shots total and the weapon must be reloaded after each discharge. Careful with the range, it's effective to about 8 feet or about 2.5 metres. However, a suspect will most likely comply after a shock.

    Pepper Spray
    This is just like the pepperball gun but as a tactical aid. You only have 10 sprays and it sprays once when you click once. Holding down the fire button will continually spray until empty. The effective range is shorter than the taser gun at about 4 feet or 1.2 meters. You can try it but there are better tactical aids to carry.

    I tried lethal weapons at first then slowly switched to non-lethal. It takes getting used to and definitely isn't the choice for every mission. The pepperball gun doesn't effect the person immediately. It takes a half a second before the pepperball takes effect. This is enough for the person to fire a weapon or run a short distance. Also, you have to hit the person in the chest or face. The legs will not affect the person. The shotgun just doesn't have enough rounds for me. It's easy to run out fast. You really have to preserve ammunition with this. Be sure to fire once or twice and yell for compliance. Be ready to ask for help. Firing repeatedly at a non-compliant suspect is a waste of beanbags. It's probably better to get a team member to pepperball him or use a taser gun at this point.

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    Re: Non-Lethal Weapons

    Continuing on from Sarc, teamwork is needed. The shotgun should be employed if the pepper isn't working, or in conjunction with. USing the shotgun by itself will see you out of ammo quick.

    I think the weapons need to be used together, in teamwork, for them to be most effective. If you use the right tactics, then any map should be winnable with everyone taking only non-lethal weapons.

    Remember also, if a gun won't gain compliance, then usually a stinger or other grenade will. A combination of grenade/pepperball/beanbags should be enough for any tango. If not, have your pepper guy keep supressing him (one shot per 3-5 seconds should be enough), whilst another team member pulls his tazer.

    As a precaution though, at least one guy should take a 9mm pistol. A shot in the leg can do it if the perp really is refusing after all of the above, and it he still continues to, another shot in the leg until he comply's or is dead.

    Employ all your weapons (are belong to us) together and you should get excellent success.


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      Re: Non-Lethal Weapons

      Personally, I love to have a combination of the bean bag shotgun and a taser.

      Non-lethal is nice IF you know how to use it. I would always suggest at least taking the tazer for non compliant hosties or even suspects. You have got to have good aim as both of these are one shot pretty much before thay can shoot back at least.

      I would suggest banging them first if you can :D

      Yes do not keep firing bean bags at non compliant suspects that is what the taser is for! It will drop anyone. Just make sure he is unable to fire at you before you shock him.

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