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In which ACOG laments on his search for a proper BTCC game...

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  • In which ACOG laments on his search for a proper BTCC game...

    I've been searching for a while for a game that models Touring Car racing, but more specifically British Touring Car racing. Now, I know the first thing that will be said in reply is "But ACOG, RACE 07 features the WTCC, just how different could the series possibly be? WTCC in my opinion doesn't that the oomph and the passion that BTCC has.

    In WTCC do you see scenes like this?

    Or this?

    I dare say I don't think there is any racing series in the world that holds a candle to the exciting scenes you see every race it seems in BTCC. Well, one can say that DTM has had some pretty exciting moments recently, with a new champ this year (who now has an F1 seat for 2011). But what fails DTM is that it is a one horse race of late, with Mercedes pulling far ahead of the Audi's. The current chasis and engine freeze isn't helping at all.

    What makes BTCC so great is that there is a dedication to using cheap race spec cars, unlike WTCC whereas money does all the talking. Anyway, I'm getting off task, if you want to see just why I love BTCC, check this video out:

    Now, subtracting the RACE series the only game left that has some semblance of Touring Car racing in it is rFactor. The problem is, there is only one complete BTCC mod for rFactor, and it's the BTCC 1998 mod located here, but it's not entirely realistic. The physics are a little wonky, but workable.

    Outside of BTCC, there are some touring car mods like this one here albeit its centered around endurance racing. I also saw a single chasis formula of touring car using the Suzuki Swift which I'm downloading at present from here

    I'm sure these mods are all fun, but they are lacking in the Plato and Soper factor.

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    Re: In which ACOG laments on his search for a proper BTCC game...

    I get ya.. I love BTCC. My brother races in the Clio Cup, and we know a lot of the touring cars guys. Been a fan since roughly 1992 when I was very young! :)

    TOCA series has been the best so far.. I don't think the money is there for a BTCC only game. We'll have to do with whatever comes with Race Driver, which is very unrealistic in the higher performance car.

    I still do love the good old days when they would replace an engine in the DTM in about 10 minutes. Take the front of the car off, lift out engine, put new 1 in, bolt the front back on.. Simple! :)

    Interestingly enough, I was at Rye House about 10 years ago watching the Champions of the Future karting, and the main Junior category was to be decided between Lewis Hamilton and Paul Di Resta.. Di Resta was in a Deavinsons kart, who owned the track at the time, and we were sort of on his side down there. Lewis with all his money and backing (Not that Di Resta didn't have similar money) won that day and went on a faster track to F1. Di Resta sort of followed in his steps the rest of the way, and I'm so pleased he is in F1 now after an amazing year in WTCC against some of the worlds best drivers!
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      Re: In which ACOG laments on his search for a proper BTCC game...

      Mannn, nice videos, acog. I miss watching that stuff on Eurosport when I had it back home :(
      The Top Gear tribute makes me want to install GT Legends again, and have at the cosworth :)

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