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Cockpit View and ACCIDENTAL Hits

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  • Cockpit View and ACCIDENTAL Hits

    Lock the thread, made this while I was frustrated. It's not a constructive thread in anyway.

    Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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    Re: Cockpit View and ACCIDENTAL Hits

    It's not just one or two times Joe. It's also not all about the bumping. It's about you racing every track, like it's a drifting contest. That causes you to slow way down in really tight corners as if you had braked hard, which causes people to rear end you. So, you are basically causing those accidents. I have also watched you veer into other lanes and take people out when they were holding their line on Rally Cross tracks. You then proceed to tell the driver, that you just wrecked, that they are the ones that caused it. I have seen that happen almost every Rally Cross event where you start towards the front, and every time you start on the pole.

    I won't take away from you the fact that you are a good driver... but, you are only good when you have no-one around you. You really need to either learn to use the mini-map, the "head turn", or a different view to be more successful in circuit events and to keep from pissing everyone off when you wreck them/blame them.

    I have bumped and rubbed almost every other driver on a track and they never rage quit when I am the cause... wonder why they rage when it's you? It would seem that you laying blame everywhere except on your own head may be the cause. Perhaps it's you that should play a different game or take a break. Or, at the very least, get better at in-traffic racing.

    Just my opinion.





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