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  • Dirt 3 Confirmed Cars

    I bit the bullet and pre-ordered Dirt 3 tonight and while it was pre-loading, I was checking out the Official Dirt 3 Forums. While doing so, I found a post with Confirmed Cars that are going to be in the game. The list is gargantuan! Here is a small taste:

    Originally posted by tbtstt @ Codemasters Forums

    Any car with an "S" prefix has been clearly identified in a video or picture, any car with an "R" prefix has been referenced in preview text or another news source.

    60's Rally Class:

    S - Mini Cooper 1275S (Source: IGN preview & Gunk TV preview video #1)
    S - Lancia Fulvia (Source: DiRT 3 Facebook Image)
    S - Alpine A110 (DiRT 3 Dev Diary #3 Extended Version)

    70's Rally Class:

    S - Ford Mk.II McRae Escort (Restricted) (Source: OXM preview & Paul Coleman Twitter feed)
    S - Opel Kadett (Source: Paul Coleman Twitter feed & Gunk TV preview video #1)
    S - Fiat 131 Abarth (Paul Coleman Twitter feed & Gunk TV preview video #1)

    80's Rear Wheel Drive Rally Class:

    S - Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (Source: Paul Coleman Twitter & Gymkhana Uncovered event)
    S - Opel Manta 400 (Source: OXM preview & Paul Coleman Twitter feed & Gymkhana Uncovered event)
    S - Renault 5 (Source: Paul Coleman Twitter feed & InsideSimRacing extended preview video)
    Read the rest of the list here!


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    Re: Dirt 3 Confirmed Cars

    Winning! I am preloading that bad boy as we speak! See you guys on launch day!

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