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Interest in "The Crew" Fall 2014

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  • Interest in "The Crew" Fall 2014

    I thought we had a thread about this game somewhere, but it's a new open-world massively* multiplayer arcade-style driving game tentatively scheduled for a Q3 2014 release.

    *Massively here means that all the players will theoretically exist on the same map. However, only a maximum of 7 other players will render at a given time. Presumably this will give preference to people in your crew or friends list.

    The titular Crew is the basic unit of mixed cooperative/competitive play, consisting of up to 4 players. I rather like the fact that most of these events are cooperative, in that you're all striving for the same goal and shared points, but also competitive, simultaneously competing for bragging rights and bonus points on top of the shared reward.

    The other thing that has me interested is the map - it's stated to be around 5000 square kilometers. I.e. 5 times the size of Panau in Just Cause 2, or 18 times the land area of Altis in Arma 3. That's a lot of potential for exploration and fresh gameplay experiences.

    There are currently 24 confirmed cars with more stated to be on the way (fans have a list of cars seen in gameplay, trailers and promotions currently sitting around 40).

    Customization will be both cosmetic and performance-related with parts acquired through an mmorpg-style "loot drop" at the end of events. Cars also have different 'specs' - stock, street, performance, circuit, dirt and raid which tune the car for one specific driving style at the expense of others.

    Unfortunately there's been scarce gameplay videos since E3 last year, but there's been a few Q&A sessions and a few new features demo'd.

    Is anybody interested in seeing where this goes?
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