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Welcome to the TG Racing League 2.0

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  • Welcome to the TG Racing League 2.0

    What is the Tactical Gamer Racing League (TGRL)?
    • A gathering place for race sim fans within the Tactical Gamer community.

    What is the League's overall goal?
    • To promote sim racing that is competitive, personally challenging and, most importantly, mutually fun while still maintaining the ideals of Tactical Gamer.
    • This is done through casual open practices and pickup races (Trackdays), and scheduled formal races (Season Events).

    When are races/practices held?
    • Season Events are held weekly and monthly, depending on the series. In the weekly FiA-Modified Sprint Series, drivers will face off for 2 short (~5 lap) races. Both races will be held on different tracks. Cars (one make only) will be predetermined for each event. Both cars and tracks will be randomly selected, scheduled and posted well in advance. The purpose of this series is to run races where cars are completely equal (apart from individual garage setups as per each driver’s preferences). This is a point series, with cumulative rankings being tracked for the Sprint Championship. In the monthly FiA-Modified Grand Prix Series, drivers will meet for a full-length (~20 lap) race. This series allows all makes and models of cars. Each will be entered into one of 5 appropriate competition classes. Drivers are encouraged to select a car that they wish to run repeatedly, though it is possible to change cars mid-season (see specific rules). The purpose of this series is to encourage a more realistic racing season; one in which drivers are limited to racing the car they have chosen over a long period. This is a point series, with cumulative rankings for each class being tracked for the Grand Prix Championship. Scoring follows official FiA Historic Racing rules. Classes are modified from FiA rules to accommodate the small field of drivers in TGRL vs. that found in real world racing.
    • Trackdays are usually scheduled on-the-fly. Such events will be posted in the League forum when server time is requested and/or planned for. Event runs as long as the server is available and participants are interested.
    • Please follow this links for more thorough details on the current racing series structure and rules (GT Legends).

    Who can participate?
    • TGRL is only open to Tactical Gamer registered members. New drivers may participate by invitation of any TGRL member, though they are required to register at TG.

    How experienced do I have to be to participate?
    • All League events are open to all skill levels.
    • The fundamental requirement of all drivers is that they must be respectful to their fellow drivers, whether across any gap in skill, or in wheel to wheel racing. Winning at all costs is discouraged at TG. It's equally discouraged in the TGRL.
    • Drivers of lesser experience should not feel discouraged from participating. On the contrary, more experienced drivers are in a position to encourage newer ones through advice, instruction, good example, and so on. Helping newer drivers improve increases the quality of racing for everyone.
    • Though skill differences will almost certainly dictate race results, every event should be seen as an opportunity for each driver to learn and improve their own performance.
    • In essence: Know your limits. Stay within them if the alternative means taking a fellow driver out. With this in mind, practice practice practice. Your limits, your performance, and your enjoyment will increase as your experience does.

    Do I need a steering wheel and pedal combo to play?
    • Short answer = no.
    • Long answer = no, but one is highly recommended only if you want to get the most out of the simulation experience.
    • All controllers are permitted. However, using a keyboard is almost certainly going to make the Professional level difficulty (the highest) even harder to drive in (it's pretty demanding even with a full wheel combo). Console style controllers and joy/flightsticks do offer some improved performance over a keyboard, though they still have significant limits when compared to drivers with wheel combos.
    • A wheel/pedal combo is most recommended simply because it is a driving interface that nearly everyone has real world experience with. This experience is more effectively translated into a driving simulation environment than other inputs/controllers can achieve. More convincing immersion means greater capacity to think and behave in a realistic manner, and to see one's performance reflected in-game. If you can afford one, do try and get one. You will be rewarded by greater performance and greater enjoyment.
    • Force Feedback enabled controllers provide even more immersion by feeding sensory information to the driver in order to approximate the physical environment and conditions being modelled. Actually feeling steering resistance, or torque steer, or traction slipping, regaining, and breaking altogether, this all enhances the experience for the driver. This further projects them into the virtual setting and allows them to navigate it even more realistically as one would in real life. If you can afford a wheel combo with this feature, you will find the experience to improve even more.
    • Bottom line - use what you like and you can afford. Just get in and drive!

    What racing sims are supported?
    • As of September 2006, GT Legends (Simbin/10tacle Studios) is the only title being hosted.
    • Additional titles may be included further down the road if enough community interest warrants it. However, since the League is in its infancy, its focus will remain on GT Legends in order to grow the field of drivers. Expanding too soon runs the risk of fragmenting interests and dispersing an already small population of drivers.

    This document will be updated periodically.
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