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GT Legends - Game Reference Material

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  • GT Legends - Game Reference Material

    This thread contains GT Legends game-specific reference material. This area will be added-to, pruned, and edited as needed.

    Learning to Drive Sims

    Real World Racing Resources

    Reference Guides
    • Garage tuning (link) - explanations of many setup adjustments and the effects, both positive and negative. Some items don't apply to GT Legends (wings, ducts) but most are directly usable. You can also download as PDF here. (Thanks to Tybalt for this find).

      Car Setups (download link) - Another GTR2 garage guide with some similarity to the one just above. Good cross-reference or companion reference. (More thanks to Tybalt for another great find!)

    • Official Driving Guides (download link) - One .zip file containing three .pdf files (Vols. 1-3; FiA TC-65, GTC-65, and GTC-76 respectively).
      • Vehicle stats and descriptions, "with driving tips provided by Doug Arnao, three time SCCA champion, and physics director on GTR and GT Legends."
      • Original download links here at GT Legends website (.rar format).

    • Official GTR Engineers' Handbook (download link) - Original guide on garage tweaking.
      • Specific to the original GTR game (not the recently released GTR2, though most info is probably still applicable).
      • Since interface and principles are largely the same, it's included here for reference to GT Legends (note that some features in the GTR guide may not be available/relevant in GTL).

    Data Sheets
    • Car Specs (link) - Posted in a single data sheet for quick reference and comparison.
      • Info on weight, power, suspension, etc, consolidated from in-game stats and Official Driving Guides, published by Simbin/10tacle (see below).
      • Weight to Power ratio and other derived values calculated for performance approximation.
      • Displays metric and, well... U.S. units (for those of us living in different worlds of measurements ;) ).
      • Some cars appear more than once. This is due to minor variants within a specific make (ex: Porsche 911 group).

    More info to come as it's gathered.
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