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  • Event #3 - Zolder

    Congrats to Turbo for an excellent race. I've just finished watching the replay of you and Rocket out at front, and my god what skill! Absolutely fantastic.

    I can only do a copy of the replay (7Mb):
    (as ever strip the parenthesis and .zip from the name, and move to your replay folder)


    I was suffering in my setup for my hot lap in two key areas. Under braking I was just having the car snap away at me at the last second if I put the pressure on, and was having to do a touch of cadence braking especially at the downshift points. Secondly there was still a lof of oversteer on corner exits and even though i was standing on eggshells when accelerating I was just getting no speed down the straits. With 5 mins of practice left I made a final couple of alterations and hit the sweet spot, shaving 2 seconds off my time to plant a 2m04s8. When it came to qualification I couldn't quite replicate this and dropped to a 2m05s1. I was still pretty confident as this was higher than Ty or Mirf had been posting, and squid's times seemed to be mainly 2m05 with the odd 2m02 - if i got lucky I could even qualify for third.

    It was not to be. Squid nailed his lap at a beautiful 2m02, with Mirfee pulling a rabbit out of his behind for a low 2m04! Damn them! I was now consigned to 5th on the grid. All that was left was for Turbo to pull a blinder to sneak pole from the ever consistently low-lapping RocketPunch.

    The Race

    I had a pretty miserable start having completely forgotten to practice pulling away in the Mustang from a standing start! I just managed to keep 5th position heading into the first left hander, deciding not to put too much pressure onto the guys in front. Cold tyres on this car are a real mare, and I didn't want to be responsible for a pile up within 10 seconds of my first race!

    We all looked quite competitive for the first few corners, except for Mirfee who was the first casualty, running wide on 'Drifter' (my name for turn 2) allowing me to take 4th position. Racing was probably not the best word to describe what I was doing, as I was driving around the course like an old woman, early on every brake point and much over-easy on the exits. At 3am I just wanted to not crash, but my strategy had a second important factor.

    I was pretty much running on flats. In order to increase consistency I had let a lot of pressure out, and was very concerned about tyre wear. Fortunately my experience with tyre conservation played in here, so I knew in what situations I could ease up to save the tyres. My plan was that I would go steady for 15 laps, and then, hoping that the other guys would be down to the rims attack the last 5 or so laps.

    The front group, as expected, pulled away comfortably, with squid (who I correctly guessed was in 3rd position ahead of me) easing ahead by around 2 or 3 seconds a lap. Fortunately for me Tybalt, who had pushed me quite a lot (threatening to ruin my strategy) in the first few laps fell behind, and with no cars in sight either way I was left to just hold out and make sure I remained patient. However I just couldn't force myself to brake early enough for the chicane, and I was not taking a good line pretty much all race, even having a small spin around lap 5 or 6 I think it was. "Damn it," I thought "better not do that again".

    I was a bit disheartened by how much Squid was pulling away, but he was obviously on the limits as a couple of times whilst gliding around Ernie and into Bert (the 4th gear left hander and hairpin chicane) I saw some gravel being thorwn up in the air, and a green car! Hmm... maybe this might work after all.

    And sure enough it did. On lap 13 Squid made a small mistake that put him back into attacking range (under 3 seconds) and I decided to put the pressure on to force him into another mistake. Some corners I was taking a gear higher, and for the first time I genuinely beat him on a lap time. One lap later Squid spun on the chicane and with just 5 laps to go I was in a podium position.

    This was hard. I'm great for attacking a driver ahead of me, and i just seem to have things click in place when hunting the fornt guy. Now I was in ahead with squid a couple seconds back things were not so smooth - I was actually shaking a bit! Coming intot he end of a lap with my rear view mirror full of green I heard an "oops sorry, that was my fault" over teamspeak! Looking ahead there seemed to be some gravel messiness up ahead!! Mirf and Ty obviously had had some sort of a run in!

    And this is where I made a mistake. With a car just ahead of me I stopped thinking about what was ahead of me and started thinking about where I would catch and lap the car ahead. I buried the brake pedal as I realised I had overstepped my chicane break point by a good 20-30m. In the end I was happy that I did not also bury the car into the wall, but I could not prevent the spin, and ended up running into the gravel for Squid to zoom past.

    The last couple laps was just about keeping the pressure on, but Squid had focused up nicely and was not going to return the favour. Then for some random reason i totally stuffed the last corner hahaa!! Ah well, 4th is not so bad - I would have taken that at the start!

    Great racing guys! :)

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    Re: Event #3 - Zolder

    Outstanding writeup Wulfyn!

    Clearly I missed a great race. :row__684:

    My push right off the sweeper at the beginning was a harbinger for my entire race. I had gotten so comfortable with my performance during the qualifying that I didn't dial it back on account of traffic and cold tires when the race began. So I was overconfident and overassertive... right off the track. That stupid mistake kicked my confidence right out the window. I wound up making constant mistakes due to poor concentration... angry with myself for falling further and further behind. And while I had some great challenges with Tybalt (who was kind enough to spin out so I could catch up ;) ) I ended up with even worse mistakes later on. A planned 10th lap pit for gas and tires ended up in not one, but *two* stop and go penalties... for speeding in the pits upon exiting.

    I was really kicking myself for not thinking of where the pit speed limiter key was.

    Stupid mistakes like that put me one lap down, then two (I believe... I have to look at the results data).

    All in all, my absolute worst showing yet. All the more frustrating because I see the opposite happening around me.

    I shoulda practiced more. It cost me dearly in exasperation.

    That said, it was a thing of beauty to see the field upped to 6 cars this time! I'm really glad this is underway and growing. I'm also really glad folks are making the most of it and having some truly outstanding races.

    Great job everybody! See you in Magny-Cours! :icon_cool
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      Re: Event #3 - Zolder

      I knew I could get down to 2:00 with my qualifying setup but it took me 5 laps to do it. I was running really close to the time limit and luckily I ran a perfect lap just in time.

      For the race I just wanted to get a good jump and run a clean race. What I wasn't expecting was Rocket being .5 to 3 seconds behind me for 20 laps forcing me to run almost flat out on every lap. If I would of made one mistake he would of been all over me, so I just tried to focus on the track and stick to my racing line instead of watching my mirror.

      Great race, I can't wait till next week.


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        Re: Event #3 - Zolder

        What a fun night guys! I hope everyone makes it back next week, and for the new guys....get out here!

        I was really surprised in qualifying to see that I had taken 3rd place. I was even further surprised to see how closely I kept up with the Turbo and Rocket for the first couple laps. After those first couple laps I realized however, that I would just end up in the wall if I really tried to compete with them. Happy with 3rd place I just tried to stay consistent and not make any mistakes as my lead over 4th grew to 16 seconds.

        That's when complacency took over. With no one in sight in front or behind I got lazy, grabbed the occasional quick drink of beer, and started getting loose. Wulfyn did a great job of being very steady, and it only took a few missed lines for him to catch up, and pass me.

        I wasn't sure I would be able to catch him with only a couple laps left. Through no skill of my own I held third to the finish. I'm quite sure I heard him screaming in exasperation as he spun through the chicane.

        Good times!
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          Re: Event #3 - Zolder

          Race results are posted. Click.


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            Re: Event #3 - Zolder

            Nice writeup Wulfyn!

            Quali for me when pretty well, I did a good time and reside back to the pit to keep the track as traffic free as possible. The pit lane TV thing is quite an interesting feature as I can watch other qualify and get all timing info there. During the last quater of the quali session, I saw Turbo did a good time (around 1/2 sec off my pace) and as soon as he pit in, he immediately went out again and try to have another go at it. Then I knew I better try to get another fast lap in and see if I can lower my time a little more. I did a terrible lap and with an amazing time of just over 2 mins, he rightfully took the pole. That is a fast time! Well done.

            The calm before the storm

            What can I say, I need to work on my start as I can't seem to get a good launch for 3 stright races. The beginning of the race is always interesting due to the close proximity of everyone and it IS very tempting to try and gain positions during that phase. As usual, I try to go very easy on the first lap and make sure I don't lose any position during that critical lap, as due to the close proximity of all the racers, one little excursion can throw you from the top of heaven to the very bottom of hell.

            Squid was right on my tail for the few opening laps as at the same time I was trying to gain some ground from Turbo. With his qualifying time, I knew it will be an uphill battle for me. My basic strategy was to go full on assualt and push very hard for the first half of the race and see if I can get close enough to him to attempt to pass. I knew If I can't do that, I will have to switch to observation mode for the last half of the race and hope that he will make a mistake. Due to how close we were during that whole race, any little mistake will deem very costly to both of us. I don't know how he felt with me constantly lurking on his mirror, but boy I was driving hard but still can't seem to make a big enough impression to attempt any passing manuver. As if time stood still we were like that the whole race.

            I did my best to balance my driving between risk and consistency, and that was not enough. It was a blast! I enjoyed every second of it.


            Some screenshots from replay:

            Assume formation G-Alpha!

            Hey! Wait up!

            Power Over!

            The road ahead

            Have we met before?

            My setup for the race:

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              Re: Event #3 - Zolder

              Originally posted by RocketPunch View Post
              I don't know how he felt with me constantly lurking on his mirror, but boy I was driving hard but still can't seem to make a big enough impression to attempt any passing manuver.
              I felt like I was being pressured the whole race, even when you fell three seconds behind you were still close enough to strike if I screwed up and ran a slow lap. When you were real close I was just waiting for you to strike but I just tried to hold my line and I was trying not worry about where you were on the track. I fiqured that you would have to get a little closer to make a move and if I keep my normal line it would be hard for you to pass.

              My setup is totally different then yours too. Ill post it when I get home tonight. My brakes were setup pretty soft so I actually had to brake earlier then you did.

              It was just a fun intense race that felt like it lasted for hours. When you are being chased down it cant finish fast enough. Looking foward to may more battles.

              Mirfee did I ever tell you that this was a brilliant idea!


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                Re: Event #3 - Zolder

                Another nice writeup, and with great pics! Thanks Rocket.

                I'm really glad to hear the stories and peek inside heads. There's a real psychological element in hunter/hunted that changes the whole approach to racing.

                Very cool. I'm trying to shake off my bad experience here and looking to next race. Prep and practice all the way!


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                  Re: Event #3 - Zolder

                  Here is my setup for that track. LOL, I just noticed that mine was still in metric units.




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