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  • GTL Random performace tips, tweaks, FAQ, etc

    HARDWARE - Controllers

    Logitech Force Feedback wheels (ALL models)
    • Problem: Occasionally the game won't recognize input from the controller, or the force feedback effects disappear. But when exiting a track, and even the whole game, the wheel responds and is still calibrated.

    • Solution: Update to most current driver from Logitech. If the problem persists, whether routinely or haphazardly, do the following in-game...
      1. Click on Options and select Controller and go to the ForceFeeback tab (this can be done from the garage screen as well as the Main Menu/Options)
      2. Uncheck and then re-check Reverse Effects
      3. Resume gaming.

      Note that Logitech wheels *require* having Reverse Effects checked. This is screwy, but it's how Logitech and GTL interact.

    More info will be posted here as it's collected. Please post below with problems and solutions. I'll consolidate final issues/fixes/tips in this top post.
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    Re: GTL Random performace tips, tweaks, FAQ, etc

    TWEAKS - .PLR file for fine-tuned game options

    Here’s a list of tweaks you can do in your PLR file to customize your game. The following are suggestions based on changes that I made for my own preferences. You may or may not find some of them useful or desirable. Also, as GT Legends is an evolution from the original GTR game, many lines remain from that title and have absolutely no effect in this game. You can always experiment with adjusting things and see what you get, but be forewarned, there’s a lot of unknown territory there.

    This compressed guide follows the source I followed when making my own tweaks. You can find the original tweak guide here at RSC which is much more comprehensive.

    The PLR is found in your GT Legends/UserData/”playername” folder (natch, substitute “playername” with your, well, player name ;) )

    The tweaks I’ve made fall under different categories in the PLR file. I’ll list them in the order you’ll find them in the file. Everything in bold is direct from the file, while my own commetns follow in italics. The values shown are mine. The defaults, or what can/has been changed via the limited options in-game are what you’ll first find when you open your own file.

    Enabling or disabling most options is done via binary value in quotes. 1 = yes, 0 = no. Other values that have more variables use more numbers. Those lines will describe what each value equates to.

    Warning: Before making any changes here, be sure to make a backup of your existing .PLR file.

    [ Sound Options ]

    Realtime In Monitor="0" // Whether to play realtime sounds in monitor

    This enables/disables audio when a player is in the garage and observing the monitor, whether their own car, or switching among other players’ cars. I find this useful for multiplayer as garage sounds can often drown out Teamspeak, or worse, get picked up on a player’s mic and be transmitted, further drowning out their voice.

    Pit Volume="0.00000" // 0.0-1.0, controls volume of pit sounds while you're at the monitor
    Another tweak in the garage for the same reason as the first. This controls the ambient noises, air wrenches, tool clatter, voices, engines, etc that are prerecorded and just loop in the background.

    Crowd Range="2.50000" // Volume range parameter
    Crowd Shape="0.00000" // Shape of volume attenuation
    Crowd Ambient="0.10000" // Ambient range where volume is maximum

    These control the cheering volume and such. I personally hate how loud the crowd is prior to the race countdown. Mine is so low it’s no longer a distraction. I’m not even sure I’ve heard it since.

    Airhorn Range="2.50000"
    Airhorn Shape="0.00000"
    Airhorn Ambient="0.20000"
    Public Address Range="2.50000"
    Public Address Shape="0.00000"
    Public Address Ambient="0.10000"
    Pithorn Range="2.50000"
    Pithorn Shape="0.00000"
    Pithorn Ambient="0.20000"

    More like the crowd adjustments. I’m not sure if there’s a difference between airhorn and pithorn, so I’ve adjusted them equally. The horn(s) only seem to play when a car enters the pit. I have it low, but audible still. The public address governs the announcer’s voice as you pass certain track locations, especially ones with large spectator crowds. Again, so low I don’t notice it anymore.

    [ Graphic Options ]

    Vehicle Sparks="0" // Whether sparks occur from vehicle-to-vehicle collisions

    I turned this off as I found the sparks to look hokey. Shouldn’t affect ground scrape as far as I know; at least that is a realistic occurrence of sparks.

    HUD="1" // 0=none, 1=Full, 2=Minimal (when enabled)
    Displays full data. Tachometer, speedometer, current gear, fuel gauge, pass warning (blue light indicating a faster car is closing), yellow warning (when a caution is issued), lap times (current, best), current lap, laps remaining, etc. It’s a bit less immersive as the HUD is not realistic, but I find it a helpful aid given the restricted view in the cockpit. NOTE: see a few lines further to allow full HUD in the cockpit.

    Lens Flare in Cockpit View="0"
    Turn this sucker off. Unrealistic as we’re not viewing through a camera.

    Steering Wheel Visible In Cockpit="1"
    Arms Visible In Cockpit="1"
    Driver Animations="1"

    NOTE: These are defaults that I have left on. I list them here to point out to anyone wishing to disable them. It’s a compromise between allowing 3rd person driving views (not allowed) and in-car driving view (forced on the server for the effort of promoting simulation conditions).

    Allow HUD in cockpit="1"
    Turn this on to view the HUD information as described above.

    This sums up the tweaks that I found useful and essential. I may have forgotten one or two here and there, but this represents the core.

    One request I have as this is unenforceable… where certain options, like graphics tweaks, allow you to artificially increase/decrease realistic conditions, please don’t unless your system is critically hampered. For instance, I view increasing nighttime lighting level brighter than would be natural as nothing less than an exploit, if not a full-out cheat. Though the ability to make such an adjustment exists, it defeats the intent of participating in as lifelike a simulation as we can manage.

    With that in mind, if any of the above tweaks that I have suggested strike anyone as abusive of the game system or our goals, please speak up.




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