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  • SLS - Registering and Using

    Here is a condensed guide, excerpted from the full manual, for drivers to get set up and managing their career on our league system site.

    PLEASE NOTE: Symantec Security may interfere with the webpage displays. SLS was designed to run IFRAMES in order to display sub menus and the like. If you find that you cannot view partial or whole sections (selecting cars, seasons, etc) then you will need to disable part of your security. I found that by simply turning off the Symantec pop-up blocker and/or ad-blocking in the Firewall Security (no worries, your browser should be able to handle those duties), that SLS behaves properly. You also must have Java enabled in your browser.

    Registering new driver
    • To register, go to the Drivers/Registration section or just hit the Register new driver link in login panel. Then you will be asked to agree with the League system rules. Answering YES will move you to the registration form.
    • You must enter data into fields marked with *, ** or *** characters. Especially, Password and Repeat password fields must be the same. Used nickname and e-mail must be unique for the whole system.
    • You can ignore other fields in the form but keep in mind that that data may be helpful for the whole racing community in some cases.
    • The Country setting has an informative value only, but in further versions of SLS it may be used for Country standings.
    • Language settings define e-mail notifications language and the whole system language. For more information read Language section of this manual.
    • After registering you have to log in and choose a car for seasons. These options are not available during registration.

    Editing driver data
    • To edit your data you have to be logged in the SLS. Then go to the Drivers/Edit data section.
    • If you need to change your Nickname you HAVE TO re-enter your password again into both password fields.
    • Your e-mail entered into this form is visible in Driver Details window only for registered and logged-in users. However, it can be hidden with the “Hide e-mail address” option. Note that administrators can see your e-mails.

    Teams, Vehicle Skins
    • While these features are not disabled, I have not planned on the inclusion of teams for now, nor the custom skin upload/download ability. These may be encouraged at a later date.
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