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  • Hello Racers!

    Hey all, I'm just wondering what exactly TGRL is and what do you guys usually do. I play GTL mostly which I understand is the only game you guys host so that's good. But when do you guys usually play and do you pick out tracks like a couple of days before you actually start playing? Because I think it would be pretty cool to get a new track, practice for a few days on it, and then race with others online. I gotta say though I'm not too great at racing; I usually just do practice runs on the nurburgring track and try to go as fast as I can without spinning out or crashing so I'm not too good at racing with other drivers on the track. I drive the Schnitzer mostly and on professional difficulty.

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    Re: Hello Racers!

    Hey Radooh, glad to see your interest.

    TGRL is currently a little haphazard in terms of activities. Right now, we're mostly doing Open Track night(s), and Racing School night(s), but I hope we can restore competitive racing as well.

    Open Track can be pretty much any time, but lately it's just been Thursday nights. We've only got a small handful of folks able to attend these days, and the range in skill levels tends to keep it to running laps and practicing, for the most part. The current setup is to load a couple tracks on the server for the night, and then run a 30 min practice, followed by a 4 lap sprint race.

    Racing School is just a training session for players new to sim racing. It's not a regular event, but something I run if/when there's interest. So far, the only session I run is on The Racing Line. I hope to cover some additional areas, but haven't prepared the visual guide(s) yet.

    I like your thought about picking a track ahead of time for offline practice before racing it online. This was something we did back when we had weekly championship races. Unfortunately, this fell by the wayside as people's availability (namely, schedule conflicts with set racing nights) reduced our numbers on-track. It's been the goal lately to bring new drivers into TGRL and bring them up to a level in which they feel comfortable (and just as important, free in their schedules) to commit to formal races.

    We haven't quite found the magic formula for that yet. Just too many competing interests in life and all the TG games vying for attention as well.

    So, with that said, I'm glad to see you're a GTL man. By all means, post here if you're itching for some track time, and certainly look for us on Thursday nights (others too if RocketPunch or I post our availability to run an Open Track).




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