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GTL Touring Round 2

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  • GTL Touring Round 2

    Saturday, October 13 - at 2pm ET
    (Apologies for earlier start time... I have family committment starting around 5ish)

    Server Name - - TGRL

    Password - tggtl

    • Slower Touring and Grand Touring cars
      • Abarth 1000TC
      • Jaguar MkII
      • Lotus Elite

    • Faster Touring cars
      • Austin Mini Cooper S
      • Alfa Romeo GTA
      • Lotus Cortina
      • Ford Mustang
      • Ford Falcon

    • Track: Birmingham Short

    • Multiple heats of approx 10 laps (or 10 minutes) so people can come and go as time permits. No qualifying... random start positions.

    • Open practice running for ~30 mins before each heat so folks can get reacquainted with the cars and track. Can advance sooner to race, manually or by vote, if desired.

    • Amateur difficulty level - most driving aids will be enabled (user can toggle on/off) and damage is reduced. (Note - this is a change from week 1... Beginner forced a few too many 'recovery' assists which actually made driving *more* difficult).

      • IMPORTANT - this is intended to welcome drivers who may be less experienced, and will help in keeping cars on the track and under control. I want no DNF's... everyone should be able to stay in the race, regardless of mistakes. PLEASE - only use the assists you need to feel comfortable. Highly experienced drivers are encouraged to use no assists at all (apart from those deemed necessary by hardware/controller constraints).
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    Re: GTL Touring Round 2

    Was really good last week guys, I urge everyone interested to swing by. The races are short (about 15mins total) so you don't need to commit an entire morning/afternoon/evening. If you are free just hop on and get racing! :)


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      Re: GTL Touring Round 2

      Yup, it was a good time last week. I hope I can make it again this week, but no commitment on that yet. I'll look at some of those assists too. I was just happy to be behind the wheel again and didn't even think of it.
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