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GTR 2 + GT Legends, free serial keys!

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  • GTR 2 + GT Legends, free serial keys!

    Yes it's true, don't ask me why, or who it's possible, but I tested it and they work. At least in GTR2, because GTL multiplayer doesn't exist any more...

    Found these links in a Portuguese forum and is offering serial keys at their web site.

    Original posts:
    GTL -
    GTR2 -

    Now to what matters most, click in the links bellow to get the keys, you only have to give your email and they will send them to you instantaneously. The spam, can easily be dealt later, although I haven't receive any yet.

    GTL serial:
    GTR2 serial:

    Note: In order to play GTR2 online you'll need the patch 1.10 and the official online patch, that you can get here:

    Now I want to fell your love and have some fun races on TG.

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    Re: GTR 2 + GT Legends, free serial keys!

    To ease some conscious minds, 10Tacle that was the publisher of GTR, GTL and GTR2, declared bankruptcy back in 2008 (read it here) and as far as my legal knowledge goes there isn't anything illegal to give legal serial keys, it's just as legal as games magazines offering games with them.

    I decided to share this with the community because I felt that this should be everyone's knowledge, i didn't contact with simbin about this and I won't. If the admins fell that it's safer not to have this post at TG, I completely understand that and fell free to delete the thread.

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