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F1 2010 Japanese Grad Prix (Sun Evening 8PM Eastern)

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  • F1 2010 Japanese Grad Prix (Sun Evening 8PM Eastern)

    This Sunday, October 10th is the real world F1 Japanese Grand Prix. (2 AM Eastern time, ouch.)

    I have about 3 friends racing in the virtual event I'm hosting, TG is invited to the virtual F1 Japanese Grand Prix Sunday Evening, 8 PM Eastern time, hoping to have a full 12 grid if interested.

    Be on Live for the game invite (Magnum MGG on your friend list). First 12 get in, practice is on your own, at 8 PM their will be a 15 minute qualification run, then a 30% race which requires a pit stop. All assist will be open due to bugs of the game. The qualification and race should take between an 60 to 90 minutes, more likely on the low end.

    There is 4 races left in the F1 2010 season, the plan is.... if we have enough intrest... is to have the virtual copy of the race on actual race days, in the evening.
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    Re: F1 2010 Japanese Grad Prix (Sun Evening 8PM Eastern)

    I'd be up for the Korean. Didn't post but meant to say I couldn't do this one because I was interested in the baseball postseason games on.




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