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  • Jumped out of the Battalion

    So only me, and Koplin were the only active members that are part of the Battalion for Armored Warfare for TG and I'm actually going to join another battalion since they are extremely active for the game. If anyone is going to jump back in, ingame tag is Vitamin187. See ya when I see ya.

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    Heh, I actually started playing Armored Warfare again last month. Didn't know anyone from TG still played. Do you do PvE or PvP mostly?
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      PvE. I am part of a new battalion called RISK. I think they have like 20-30 active members (or more than that), and we also play with members from RNI, HCK, HAVOK, FWMAF, RDDT, and other clans. I basically have 97 people on my friends list and they are all active players.

      I've been playing quite a bit of it and so far I own in my garage:
      Tier 10 - XM1A3, Wilk XC-8, K21 XC-8, SPHYNX
      Tier 9 - Thunderbolt II, PLZ-05, CRAB, WPB Anders, B1-Draco
      Tier 8 - Sprut-SD, Ramka-99, M8 Buford, M1128 MGS, VBR, C1 Ariette
      Tier 7 - VBL Ingwe, NM142
      Tier 6 - XM1, Swingfire, Surcuri II, Sabre, Fox, MT-LB S8
      Tier 5 - Sheridan, Rooikat 76, Bglt. Pz 57
      Tier 4 - T-55M1, AMX-10P 90, Object 279
      TIer 3 - Type 59-11A, LAV-150 90, IS-7
      Tier 2 - T92 CAV
      Tier 1 - Type 62, M41




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