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Come play Squad during the free weekend April 6th to 10th

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  • Come play Squad during the free weekend April 6th to 10th

    It's been a long time since I have fired up BF4. I enjoyed it for a good bit, but it never stuck as a proper TG title for me.
    BF1 was a flash in the pan. While the WWI atmospheric feel, the graphics, and the game engine were all amazing, the pace of the game was silly fast: by the time you called out the contacts, they were long gone....

    So what have I been playing? Squad!

    For those of you still under your rock, Squad is a tactical shooter with a focus on teamwork and communications. It is very easy to get into (as simple as BF). The game runs on the Unreal engine with lovely graphics, superb sounds (you can tell exactly which weapon is firing and from what direction), and ultra-responsive gunplay. Squad is no indie pixely title. It is a full blown multiplayer FPS. But unlike the latest EA title, Squad is not driven by dollar signs. Also, squad has 3 comms channels - proximity, squad, and command - compare that to BF3 which launced without working VOIP on PC. Squad does not run on consoles.

    The pace of Squad is blessedly slower than that of the modern BF games. It takes a few minutes for the round to wind up before any combat. Those looking for a game as fast paced as COD should stick with BF1. However, there is action aplenty. You will be reloading, you will be running out of ammo. Your BTR will be out of ammo. You will be running for cover and cowering when you hear the sound of an enemy vehicle. It is true that BF1 has far more action than Squad. But where BF1 has quantity, Squad has quality. Instead of that epic BF1 solo moment where you shoot out the pilot and steal his plane, you will remember the epic time you coordinated a multi squad attack with a diversion, smoke, and vehicle support.

    Achievements? Unlocks? Micro transactions? Score scrolling down the middle of your screen?
    Heeeeeeeell no. Not in Squad. Your kill/death tally is not even shown until the end of the round. And no, you cannot put a silencer on your blue hex cammo M4.

    The current version is Alpha 9 and it is far from your traditional beta. The game is VERY stable. About a year more stable than your day one patch EA release. What is missing are upcoming features such as tanks and vaulting animations. You will NOT be a playtester.

    Oh. One last thing - we host a TG Squad server with reserved slots for supporting members. At prime time, it takes under a second (not exaggerating) for a TG squad to fill up. Yes, the 74 slot server is full every night. And yes, the admins are on the ball. So, if you've been looking for that TG squadplay, come and try Squad with us this weekend for the sweet price of $0.

    P.S. I posted this in both BF1 and BF4 forums hoping to get to as many of my BF friends to get into Squad. Apologies if that's too spammy.

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    Could not agree more BK, I have not had time to play lately but looking forward to it tonight. Highly recommend checking it out.


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      Bought the game today as it is 50% off this weekend. 20 bucks was worth a try.




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