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Interview with Patrick Bach about BF3

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  • Interview with Patrick Bach about BF3

    The swedish news paper Aftonbladet has published an interview with Patrick Bach. The article is about the making of the game and does not reveal much about the game's features, but it is an interesting read <--- You can use google translate if you don't know swedish

    Here are some of the things being said:

    Dice started working on BF3 three years prior to the release of BC2.

    "Ever since having made Battlefield 2 we have wanted to take the next big step, where it really feels we are entering the next generation. That is the reaction we want. This is what made us develop the Frostbite 2 engine."

    "You can do cool stuff by just borrowing from the old games and tweak them a little, but we are not refurnishing the apartment now, we are building a new neighborhood".

    "...When people play it they will feel it, "wow this is really different", that is the reaction we want, at the same time we know that the Battlefield formula still holds up"

    Interviewer: How many people are working on battlefield 3?
    Patrick Bach: No comment

    Patrick Bach: Let me put it this way, it (BF3) is by far the biggest game project by DICE ever. The multiplayer part of BF3 employs more people than than the whole of the Battlefield 2 team. So it is on a completely different level, this is a "mega product" even if you look at it globally.
    We have one of the biggest teams in the world building this game and we are not holding back, we are going all in now.

    Interviewer: This has got to be the one of the biggest games EA has ever done?
    Patrick Back: EA has full confidence for DICE, over the years they have learned to trust us, and now the time has come. It feels fantastic that a multinational company like EA goes all in and really embraces little DICE and says: "what do you want? How can we help you?"

    Interviewer: Do you sleep well at night?
    Patrick Bach: I sleep very well at night, at least for the few hours I get to sleep.


    So there you have it, that is pretty much the interview, they also talk about how the work within the team. It is also made clear that this is the biggest entertainment product in Sweden, ever.

    I really hope they went all in with this, can't wait.
    "Nemo Saltat Sobrius, Nisi Forte Insanit"

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    Re: Interview with Patrick Bach about BF3

    Yep, this could be great. But, like i said yesterday, Lien, everything the marketing hype is saying makes me want this game less and less. For every feature they reveal it seems to be less and less about teamplay and more and more about a singleplayer superduper graphics extravaganza. If thats what BF3 is about then Im not their target audience. Right now Ill be glad if we get an updated BC2 MP with VOIP.


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      Re: Interview with Patrick Bach about BF3

      agree with alvin... theyre not revealing any real teamplay improvements or even mentioning that this is any kind of priority whatsoever for them, which is very troubling...

      the general consensus from DICE seems to be that this is competitor for COD... which I dont think should be taken as good news :/


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        Re: Interview with Patrick Bach about BF3

        That's the marketing hype machine. It's not about whether you enjoy playing a game, only that they hype it enough for you to buy it. You think Treyarch/Activision cares I've only played Bogusly Overrated for 4 hours? It's my own fault, I'm a mindless lemming that saw Jimmy Kimmel with an RPG, and have only myself to blame.


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          Re: Interview with Patrick Bach about BF3

          That was a good commercial though!




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