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How would you do the Commander Mode?

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  • How would you do the Commander Mode?

    There has been a lot of talk about the Commander position and the potential that Battlefield 3 might change or even remove the role due to the fact that many public players did not use it. If you were a developer at DICE charged with designing this feature, how would you do it?

    Personally I think they can do better than the CO of BF2. Empower the Squad Leaders! Give the Squad Leader (SL) the power, like a mini commander.

    Communication is the key and having the eyes on the ground talking to each other cuts out the middle man and allows for a quick response to changes on the battlefield. It also empowers the players to put their fate into one person but rather into their squad and in particular their squad leader. If you get into a bad squad, simply leave it and join another or start your own. No more endless voting to remove a bad commander, just vote with your body and get on with the game.

    Here is a breakdown of how I would do it.

    • Each SL calls the team commander type assets when they are available.
    • Squad members can also request items but it is the squad leader approves it.
    • The last squad to use it has a slightly longer recharge timer so nobody can hog an asset.
    • To use assets squads must be a minimum size of 3 people.
    • The more players in your squad, the less time your squad waits for an asset to recharge from its last team use.

    • Each SL can talk to each other in addition to their own squad.
    • The SL can place a single marker that shows the general area their squad is supposed to be covering that all other players can see.
    • SL can also place markers only seen by people with certain equipment. Such as spotting a tank and alerting pilots that you THAT tank in that spot taken out as a priority target.

    • SL gets a overhead map that they can make marks and place icons on for their squad to see.
    • Ability to share/integrate squad map with another squad.
    • Ability to 'save' favorites.

    This set up will allow those who enjoy leading to step into that position and be rewarded for it. It also will encourage the common public player to squad up and work together.

    So how would you do the Commander Role? The same as BF2? Or another way? Would you use the same assets or new types? How would you prevent abuse?
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    Re: How would you do the Commander Mode?

    This is very similar material repackaged with some additions.

    Here are some of the functions of the Commander position:

    Here are the BF2 Commander position functions as I see them:

    - Artillery Strike

    - Scan
    - UAV
    - 3x Zoom and manual spot on big map

    - Supply Crate Drop
    - Vehicle Drop

    Team Leader
    - Enact a team plan of attack
    - Coordinate with squad leaders
    - Issue Orders
    - Reward and encourage

    My ideas for future Battlefields:

    Have the Squad Leader and Sniper with the ability to call in Fire Support/Indirect Fire and Commander controls/approves. This would reduce indirect fire frequency and increase teamwork. Fire Support could also include aviation Close Air Support (CAS) with a request approved by the commander and a temporary CAS communication channels opens up for the squad leader/sniper to talk directly with the jet/helio supporting the attack.

    Every "Spot" should be earned. There should Not be a scan feature, 3x commander zoom, or the commander ability to click on the map to spot. The spotting should be done by soldiers in the field, snipers, and a separate UAV operator. This encourages stealth, rewards a good hide position, and permits infiltrations behind enemy lines undetected.

    - UAV
    o.. Not controlled by the commander (separate operator)
    o.. Not armed
    o.. Not able to change altitude
    o.. Spot like an individual with the same duration as the sniper
    o.. Able to change the flight path
    o.. Airborne until shot down
    o.. Fixed wing aircraft (looks like a plane)

    I think the magic jeep parachuted onto the battlefield should be removed. Perhaps there should be the ability to control vehicle spawns and even sling load vehicles. I think players should be able to spawn into the vehicle at the beginning of the match. Example a squad could all spawn into the same APC. Commander-controlled Squad Leader-designated stationary heavy Machine Gun (MG) and Heavy Anti- Tank (TOW) emplacements. The supply crates could be delivered by truck or helicopter.

    Team Leader
    I believe a cookie-cut of the BF2 position would not be the best course of action (COA). A modified version would be much better than removing the position all-together. There really should be at least one person looking at the big picture of friendly and enemy activity and directing friendly forces to exploit success or exploit a perceived enemy weakness.


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      Re: How would you do the Commander Mode?

      I like greasy's suggestion a lot. I mostly want the SLs to be able to talk to each other, designate targets for armor and airpower, and the ability to have someone call in support items like supply crates/UAVs/etc.
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        Re: How would you do the Commander Mode?

        SL already had the ability to track other squads and could guess there objective, communication between them might get chattery while also communicating with squad. I think keep what was working and add different support actions, something like in WIC. Give CO a couple one time only assets. Cluster bomb, A10 C strike, then you would also have the normal rechargeables but switched up so that maybe the supply drop was specific to the SL's request so that you could change kits out instead of having to wait for death or taking someone elses random kit. And then update the map for CO so it works with a touch screen to wip out orders quickly, OH and let the CO have a third person view into the battlefield via a chosen SL helmet cam during relay of orders. I could go all day :)




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