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  • Interesting Sales Predictions

    I was reading an article on gamestop that Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter estimates that BF3 will sell 11 million copies in the first year, which got me wondering how well MW2 did in its first year. Turns out they sold 12 million copies of MW2 which is pretty close.

    I admit I was slightly worried BF3 would be overshadowed by MW3 but now I think BF3 will probably do just as well, (hopefully better) than MW3 which is good news for everyone who prefers BF's style of games.

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    Re: Interesting Sales Predictions

    Michael Pachter is a little bit (a lot) crazy (properly shoes-as-gloves mental). I wouldn't trust anything that he says in relation to gaming. His recent comments regarding development crunch time were enough to convince me of that.
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      Re: Interesting Sales Predictions

      It'll be interesting, though I can overestimate Steam's effect on BF3's sales.

      You never know, Origin might have been a big mistake for EA.

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        Re: Interesting Sales Predictions

        We will see but if they want to do well then they better darn well start promoting the game. Right now outside of more in the know gamers, nobody knows anything about it. Its not advertised anywhere. Perhaps the plan is let gamescon be the kick off for the advertising offensive. We will see but I don't care what their current pre-orders or sales are, they are not maximizing their sales potential and that is a shame for them and us. Less people means less support, less of a chance for free content, less chance for follow up titles, and less people to play with.
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          Re: Interesting Sales Predictions

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