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Pre-order BF3 for $47.99 from Newegg

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  • Pre-order BF3 for $47.99 from Newegg

    Use code EMCYTZT688

    Be warned, however, that the free shipping is "3 day" so who knows how soon you'll actually be playing once launch day arrives.

    Oh, a link might be useful.

    Here it is.

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    Re: Pre-order BF3 for $47.99 from Newegg

    I've pre-ordered a few times from NewEgg for games. Never doing it again with a hot title. Last time was 2 copies of BF2142. Newegg didn't get enough in the first two batches, so I ended up waiting 2 weeks+ before getting my two copies. Suffice to say, I might have saved a few dollars, but the waiting time was pretty killer.

    Other than that, if you're willing to wait a few days for shipping (assuming they get enough copies), it's a pretty nice deal at nearly $18 of savings compared to Origin pre-order. You also don't get some of the extras that Origin's offer offers.
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      Re: Pre-order BF3 for $47.99 from Newegg

      This deal is going on again if you use promo code EMCKAJG96 . Offer ends Thursday.




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